Get rid of SoftwareEnhancer adware

What is SoftwareEnhancer? SoftwareEnhancer is a dubious browser add-on that has been classified as an adware and a potentially unwanted program due to the fact that it tricks people into installing it without being noticed and causes a real havoc on their web browser. More
Adware  November 26, 2014

Detect spyware with STOPzilla

STOPzilla AntiVirus is a powerful anti-virus program that effectively detects, blocks, and removes malicious software from the system. More
Anti-Spyware  September 22, 2014

SpyHunter scanner

SpyHunter is a highly effective spyware remover with a simple and easy-to-use interface. More
Anti-Spyware  November 24, 2014

EliteUnzip Toolbar removal instructions

What is EliteUnzip Toolbar? EliteUnzip Toolbar is a browser add-on that supposedly is capable of compressing and decompressing multiple file types easily. More
Browser Plugins  November 26, 2014

Uninstalling FoxWebber adware

What is FoxWebber? If you are looking for a way to get rid of FoxWebber ads, then you are in a right place. More
Adware  November 26, 2014

ReferenceBoss Toolbar removal guide

What is ReferenceBoss Toolbar? ReferenceBoss Toolbar is a free application that has been labeled as a potentially unwanted program and a browser hijacker due to the fact that it may get inside your computer without your permission asked and take over your web browsers. More
Browser Plugins  November 26, 2014

Removing BrickPreserver adware

What is BrickPreserver? BrickPreserver is a potentially unwanted program that may slither onto random computers and initiate various suspicious activities about which you may not even inspect. More
Adware  November 26, 2014

Terminate Ads by ShopZone

What is ShopZone? ShopZone is a misleading adware program that tricks people into installing it by the promises to deliver coupons, the latest deals, discounts and other things that supposedly enhance online shopping experience and help to save user's time and money. More
Adware  November 26, 2014

Takegif virus removal instructions

What is Takegif? Takegif is a misleading browser extension that may take over all most popular web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, and initiate a real havoc on them by delivering an excessive amount of pop-up ads. More
Adware  November 26, 2014

BullGuard Mobile Security

BullGuard Mobile Security is a powerful antivirus app that was designed for Android devices. More
Antiviruses  November 26, 2014

What is FBI Android virus and how to get rid of it?

If you have ever been infected with FBI virus, you will definitely know how serious this infections is. More
Viruses and parasites  November 24, 2014

Hitman Pro

Hitman Pro is a second option malware scanner, which is designed to remove leftovers of malicious software or files that were not removed/detected during a regular antivirus scan. More
Anti-Spyware  November 24, 2014

SpyHunter scanner

SpyHunter is a highly effective spyware remover with a simple and easy-to-use interface. More
Anti-Spyware  November 24, 2014

ABOUT THE PROJECT project is dedicated to helping people know more about spyware, malware, adware and other programs that can harm their computers. It is one of the largest sources of security-related information on the Internet, which provides clear and professionally written parasite removal instructions, anti-spyware software reviews and news articles - everything what is essential when trying to prevent or remove viruses.

This site is not a newcomer. People behind 2Spyware started analyzing malware (spyware, adware, trojans, etc.) in its early days, when more and more parasites began spreading on the Internet and became a real headache for PC users. In fact, that was before major antivirus companies decided to pay their attention to these types of viruses and effective anti-spyware programs were released.

Our mission is to help people get rid of ANY virus that your computer might be infected with.

To learn more about spyware visit Spyware category.

Spyware News

Internet never stops changing. Each day brings new viruses, critical vulnerabilities, new versions of security software and different spyware researches. That's what our news section was created for. Here you will find information about the most significant spyware-related issues, notorious parasites, security software releases and other important events. It also doesn't forget to pay attention to deceptive advertising, spam and phishing.
Navigate to the Spyware news.

Encyclopedia of parasites is the site when you can find the highest-quality information about spyware, malware and general security. Content is split into several major sections where the largest of them is the Encyclopedia of computer parasites.

It consists of separate categories that all group parasites according to their type, distribution methods and functionality. Each description provides details on virus behavior and gives detailed removal instructions that include the list of processes, files, registry entries and other objects that are associated with a particular threat.

The Encyclopedia of computer parasites is updated daily. 2 Spyware team doesn't forget previous entries as well - they are filled with the additional details, that are typically revealed after some time of virus functionality. In most of the cases, it couldn't be done without users' feedback.

Navigate to the Encyclopedia of computer parasites.

Anti-spyware software

There is a lot of different anti-spyware programs on the market today. However, not all of them are on the same level - some anti-spywares are good only at virus removal while others can easily guarantee the highest protection. That's why we decided to make a special Anti-spyware Software section and help people to choose the best spyware remover. Here you will find reviews of different programs, test results and overall rating.

To learn more about Anti-spyware programs visit Software section.

Library of files

Library of files is another important section, which has many in common with the Encyclopedia of computer parasites. All files are grouped according to their types, i.e. extensions. Most of the files have short descriptions but you will always know which of them belongs to harmless software and which of them is malicious. The Library of files is constantly updated.

To know more about files visit Library of files section.


The main mission of this project is to help people fight against different kinds of computer parasites, including spyware, malware, adware, trojans, etc. In most of the cases, we try to encourage people using manual parasite removal instructions. However, Internet is full of sophisticated viruses that can be eliminated only with a help of complex removal guides. This is not an easy task.

In order to help people save their time and also help them avoid possible problems that might be caused by the incorrect use of certain instructions we decided to create Ask Us section.

Don't hesitate to ask, answer other people's questions and participate in discussion. We would be glad to help you.

Navigate to the Ask us.

Spyware Directory

This section is dedicated to helping people gain further insight into the world of Internet security. Here, you will find links to other Internet sites that provide essential information about IT security, such as important articles, reputable comparisons, trustworthy parasite databases and other useful resources that are related to Internet security.

In order to known more visit Spyware directory.
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