I have a worry about AR. If I’m walking around my house or out in the irl and a speck of light appears in my AR, how did it get there? Did someone in VR put it there, or did someone physically put it there in their AR and I see it in my AR? Do I touch it to see what happens? Like everything catches on fire or some witch pops out to scare me? How do I get rid of the specks of light? Can I only get this speck of light virus through my computer, X box, or whatever app I’ve downloaded? Are all AR apps safe from viruses? Will there ever be a bigger world than controlled apps for AR? What if I want to run a lot of AR apps at once like in the Microsoft Hololens, how is that world protected? It’s Microsoft after all. If I get Google Home and go out into the irl as that as my base, how does Google Play protect me when I’m in a MR reality?