Stay safe online - 2017-08-23

Fappening continues: hackers leak Sarah Hyland nudes, but find no controversial material in Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat

The latest victims of the Fappening saga The rich, the famous, and the attractive -- these are the main targets of the Fappening leaks which have already exposed thousands of private images belonging to a few dozens of global celebrities. More
General Spyware News   July 25, 2017  

South Korean web hosting company paid $1 million after ransomware attack

Negotiation with cyber criminals helped to decrease the size of the ransom South Korean web hosting company Nayana agreed to pay the ransom after Erebus ransomware attack on 10th of June.More
General Spyware News   June 20, 2017  

An inside job: 20 Apple employees detained for selling users' personal data on the black market

Chinese authorities have issued a public announcement which revealed that a total of 22 people had been arrested for the alleged trading of users’ personal data on the black market .More
General Spyware News   June 09, 2017  

The end of AES_NI ransomware? The hacker publishes decryption keys

While most of the cases, virus researchers are the ones who release long-awaited ransomware decryption keys, in the case of AES-NI ransomware, things are vice versa.More
General Spyware News   May 26, 2017  

Hackers leaked "Pirates Of The Caribbean 5" on Torrent sites

Online piracy became an issue in the digital world as soon as first file-sharing programs became available on World Wide Web.More
General Spyware News   May 17, 2017  

Opera browser‘s new look presents quick access to FB Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram

The new image of Opera 45 browser intrigues not only its long-time users but may attract new ones.More
General Spyware News   May 10, 2017  

“Orange is the new black” fans rejoice: hacker leaks 5th season after refusals to pay the ransom

If you have been anxiously waiting for the 5th season of the TV series "Orange is the new black", rejoice: the new season has been leaked by a hacker and posted on the Pirate Bay last weekend.More
General Spyware News   May 02, 2017  

Android 1-0 Windows: Android OS is now the most popular operating system

When asked what is the most popular OS, you would probably answer –"Windows." According to the latest StatCounter report, Windows OS will bathe in glory no more.More
General Spyware News   April 04, 2017  

Windows Vista reaches its “End of Life” on April

It’s official. Microsoft ends support for the most hated and criticized operating system.More
General Spyware News   March 27, 2017  

Apple reassures that vulnerabilities disclosed in “Dark Matter” leak are obsolete

"Dark Matter" is not the title of a science-fiction show or a chapter from an astronomy book.More
General Spyware News   March 24, 2017  

Attack on Apple: ransomware hackers target 300 million iPhones

While Android users have been having a hard time due to continuous cyber attacks, it seems that hackers now point their daggers to Apple.More
General Spyware News   March 23, 2017  

Security experts publish a list exposing over 2000 phishing sites

Have you ever thought about how much safer the web browsing would be, if there was a database that would include all the malicious domains and anyone would be able to consult it when needed?More
General Spyware News   March 22, 2017  

Beware of the new and twisted Gmail phishing campaign

Spam emails have long become an ordinary aspect of our daily email usage experience.More
General Spyware News   March 20, 2017  

Patch Tuesday is back: 18 security updates from Microsoft

After two months break, the Patch Tuesday is back and even bigger than expected.More
General Spyware News   March 15, 2017  

Hackers take revenge: ID Ransomware servers hit by DDoS attacks

Battling ransomware is a perilous business and often turns against the ones who attempt to immobilize these file-encrypting parasites.More
General Spyware News   March 14, 2017  
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