Cybercriminals hack legitimate software download server to push Proton Trojan

Developers of an open-source video ripping and conversion software Handbrake issued a report earlier this month, informing users about a security infringement which has affected one of the software download servers. More
Security Spyware News   May 09, 2017  

How cyber-safe is your country?

Cyber security is gaining more relevance as hackers are picking up their speed in crafting more menacing and more destructive malware every day. More
Security Spyware News   April 26, 2017  

Did 1,7 million Snapchat users' data leak really take place?

Hacking acquires new shades of meanings. Cyber crooks engage in such activities not only for profit-seeking purposes. More
Security Spyware News   April 20, 2017  

Extortionists utilize Microsoft Word’s zero-day vulnerability to disseminate Dridex banking Trojan

Microsoft developers now have a serious conundrum on their hands as three major security vendors have recently exposed a zero-day vulnerability in Microsoft Word code which allows delivering and executing an infamous Dridex banking Trojan on the targeted computers. More
Security Spyware News   April 11, 2017  

Slight technical difficulties: 20 000 Scottrade Bank users‘ data published online

Personal privacy is a highly sensitive issue for every Internet user. More
Security Spyware News   April 10, 2017  

Google detected a sophisticated Android spyware

Google researchers have recently detected an advanced Android spyware that has been spreading for three years. More
Security Spyware News   April 06, 2017  

Google and Apple release urgent updates to patch up Wi-Fi vulnerabilities

If you have not updated your Android, iOS or Nexus device just yet, it is high time you do it because Gal Beniamini from Google’s Project Zero has found some serious vulnerabilities that simply cannot be left unattended. More
Security Spyware News   April 05, 2017  

Bait for Tinder app users – your love match may not be a human at all

For single people, who are desperate about finding the love of their life, Tinder application might seem like a pearl in the myriad of mobile programs. More
Security Spyware News   March 29, 2017  

Google: the number of hacked websites increased by 32% in 2016

On Monday Google published a report on the State of Website Security in 2016. More
Security Spyware News   March 21, 2017  

Major discovery: the identities of hackers behind the 2014 Yahoo data breach revealed

In the beginning of 2014, Yahoo was only yet to know what grandiose cyber hack campaign was ahead of them. More
Security Spyware News   March 17, 2017  

Wikileaks CIA Leak: 5 spying secrets you need to know

On the 7th of March 2017, Wikileaks exposed 8,761 documents that revealed how US Central Intelligence Agency launched various attacks and spied on people. More
Security Spyware News   March 10, 2017  

Reasons why cyber criminals are eager to hack your smartphone

When we speak about cyber security, the computer is the first thing that comes to mind. More
Security Spyware News   March 08, 2017  

Advertising trojans take top position in mobile viruses

Reviewing the malware trends in 2016, virus researchers noticed a surge in mobile trojans. More
Security Spyware News   March 01, 2017  

Yahoo hacked again: culprits used forged cookies to break into users’ accounts

Yahoo successfully continues to lose its outstanding reputation. More
Security Spyware News   February 17, 2017  

Indiana cancer agency suffers from the ransomware attack

Cyber criminals see no limits in choosing a new victim. A week ago, Cancer Services of East Central Indiana-Little Red Door located in Muncie, Indiana became yet another target. More
Security Spyware News   January 20, 2017  
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