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Stay safe online - 2017-09-22

Reimage virus removal (5)

Reimage Repair virus. Can this be a truth? Reimage is legal and reliable Windows Repair software that users can download from its official website and some third-party sites. This program scans and repairs various issues, protects computers and Android mobile devices from viruses, and helps users optimize their machines. You might have seen this application offered a... More
System tools Viruses   September 21, 2017  

What is Amazon Assistant virus

Amazon Assistant virus offers a variety of services and speculations about its reliability . More
System tools Viruses   September 21, 2017  

Uninstall MyRadioAccess Toolbar

MyRadioAccess Toolbar might not be as useful as you expected. More
System tools Viruses   September 19, 2017  

How to remove CalendarSpark Toolbar

CalendarSpark Toolbar offers help to manage your daily activities. More
System tools Viruses   September 19, 2017  

Remove FileShareFanatic Toolbar (3)

FileShareFanatic Toolbar promises easy file sharing . FileShareFanatic Toolbar functions as the browser plug-in designed by Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc.More
System tools Viruses   September 19, 2017  

PC Smart Cleanup removal instructions

PC Smart Cleanup alarms users with fake alerts. PC Smart Cleanup operates as the supposed PC optimization tool which helps users maintain the sufficient performance of the device.More
System tools Viruses   September 19, 2017  

What is NewNoteCenter Toolbar

Important things to remember about NewNoteCenter Toolbar. NewNoteCenter Toolbar is a free program that suggests changing the default page in Chrome, Firefox, and other popular browsers.More
System tools Viruses   September 19, 2017  

Uninstalling System Optimizer Pro

System Optimizer Pro urges you to solve fake issues. System Optimizer Pro functions as an application which supposedly helps you solve existing system and registry errors.More
System tools Viruses   September 18, 2017  

Remove EasyEmailSuite Toolbar

Things to know about EasyEmailSuite Toolbar. EasyEmailSuite Toolbar is a browser add-on that changes browser’s start page into a customized version of and provides several shortcuts to email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and others.More
System tools Viruses   September 14, 2017  

What is Pro PC Cleaner

Pro PC Cleaner can't fix your computer - do not waste your money buying it! More
System tools Viruses   September 13, 2017  

What is Driver Restore (7)

Reasons why Driver Restore can't be considered trustworthy software. More
System tools Viruses   September 13, 2017  

Remove AnytimeAstrology Toolbar

AnytimeAstrology Toolbar offers different browser search settings for users. More
System tools Viruses   September 04, 2017  

Removing Prime Updater virus

Prime Updater causes more trouble than brings benefit. Prime Updater is labeled as a potentially unwanted program .More
System tools Viruses   August 29, 2017  

Removal of Super Optimizer (4)

Super Optimizer might trick you into thinking that your PC is a mess. More
System tools Viruses   August 21, 2017  

Get rid of System Healer (7)

System Healer: a rogue PUP or a reliable PC optimizer? System Healer is considered to be a potentially unwanted program that should be avoided because of several reasons.More
System tools Viruses   August 17, 2017  
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