Download free MP3 now and get free adware!

You have been there before: you got extremely interesting file that requires some kind of special player to see what’s inside. Why don’t you download and install the needed software? Unfortunately, both the file and the player are snare to make you voluntarily install adware. Worms, trojans and adware used to use fake video codecs to infect computers; apparently people don’t fall for that anymore.

The new fake MP3 player is bundled with infamous Mirar toolbar. The adware is even installed legally because it is mentioned in end-user license agreement. This strategy exploits the laziness most of users have: they don’t trouble themselves into reading long text printed in small font. And this is why they formally can’t complain later. McAfee alone has reported more than 360,000 cases of MP3+Mirar in last week.

Mirar adware is not able to download additional computer parasites, but it’s only a matter of time until other malware starts spreading this way. Free MP3 actually costs user’s time and patience as the adware delivers plenty of pop-ups that can’t be blocked.

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