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If download is blocked, try downloading Spyware Doctor in safe mode with networking, use manual instructions to stop processes, also disable proxy server in your browser. If downloaded file can not be executed, try launching it in safe mode with networking, renaming it, launching it from different User on PC or stop parasite processes manually with task manager.

If you have problems please call +1 888 340 9777 for Assistance ( 9:00am – 11:00pm EST). Support will be performed by smartsupport staff.

You have made the right choice! Spyware Doctor is one of the fastest updating and effective spyware removers available today. This product uses unique parasite detection and removal technologies, which enable the program not only to fight against spyware and adware pests, but also identify and remove emerging, yet unknown threats. Furthermore, it prevents malicious software from infiltrating into your system. It also easily removes viral parasites including dangerous trojans and even stealth rootkits.
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What you should know

Unfortunately, there is no 100% effective anti-spyware program. Even Spyware Doctor, one of the best products available, may run into problems removing emerging, yet unknown threats. That's why single spyware remover is not enough. Even the most technologically advanced one.

We recommend using two different anti-spyware products at the same time*. This is not only highly recommended, but simply necessary if you want to protect your system for sure.

Positive sides:

Try !

Latest tests conducted in the research center reveal that the best security solution for today is a pack of PC Tools Spyware Doctor and . The latter program is as much effective, as Spyware Doctor is.

But it's different. It uses different approach identifying and removing spyware. Furthermore, its real-time monitors work in a different manner. This means that can detect threats that Spyware Doctor might miss, and vice versa.

By using these two programs at the same time you will raise your spyware protection at the maximum level.

We recommend downloading and trying out . We do not ask to buy this software now. If you like the program, purchase it. Otherwise, you can always uninstall it from your computer.

Thank you!

* Do not use real-time protection monitors of both programs at the same time due to possible conflicts. Enable only one.
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