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Files with extension *.dl_



DATABASE OF FILES with extension *.dl_

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  • kbdhook.dl_ July 23rd, 2004 No Comments
    The kbdhook.dl_ file is an essential part of a particular parasite and therefore is responsible for the pest's malicious...
  • vb5de.dl_ March 18th, 2005 No Comments
    This is a part of a malicious parasite that violates user privacy and damages the compromised system. The vb5de.dl_ file...
  • vb5stkit.dl_ March 30th, 2005 No Comments
    The vb5stkit.dl_ file is an essential part of a particular parasite and therefore is responsible for the pest's maliciou...
  • apigid32.dl_ December 1st, 2004 No Comments
    The apigid32.dl_ file is dangerous to the computer system and your privacy. It belongs to a parasite, whose payload may ...
  • cmctlde.dl_ March 18th, 2005 No Comments
    cmctlde.dl_ is a malicious file related to a dangerous parasite, which uses it to harm your system, installed software a...
  • NEXT.DL_ April 23rd, 2004 No Comments
    NEXT.DL_ is related to a dangerous parasite designed to violate your privacy and harm your computer. The NEXT.DL_ file c...
  • scandll2.dl_ December 1st, 2004 No Comments
    scandll2.dl_ is associated with a dangerous computer parasite that attempts to violate your privacy by spying on you and...

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*.exe (10001)
*.dll (3430)
*.lnk (775)
*.bat (385)
*.dat (385)
*.ini (298)
*.com (218)
*.sys (211)
*.db (197)
*.vbs (180)
*.bin (99)
*.scr (85)
*.jpg (76)
*.doc (67)
*.gif (63)
*.pif (61)
*.chm (57)
*.vxd (27)
*.js (18)
*.rtf (17)
*.swf (17)
*.dll (13)
*.cab (13)
*.php (10)
*.dl_ (7)
*.rar (6)
*.java (6)
*.jar (3)
*.ex (3)
*.h (2)
*.h@tkeysh@@ (2)
*.ocx (2)
*.txt (1)
*.reg (1)
*.jpeg (1)

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