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  • 000stthk.exe October 1st, 2007 No Comments
    000stthk.exe is a process installed by and related to Toshiba laptop computers. It gives the ability to configure laptop...
  • 1e2ccc.exe January 9th, 2008 No Comments
    1e2ccc.exe is an executable file that starts a malicious process, launches certain parasite components or runs a destruc...
  • 1xconfig.exe December 7th, 2004 No Comments
    File 1xconfig.exe is a part of the drivers and monitoring software, required by some USB devices. It stands for the syst...
  • 3dm2.exe December 7th, 2006 No Comments
    This is the driver for the 3WARE Raid controller. It supports a GUI environment for the raid controller.
  • a.exe September 30th, 2005 No Comments
    Executable a.exe is related to Melare parasite. This is the mass-mailing worm, which uses Microsoft Outlook e-mail progr...
  • acaas.exe April 7th, 2008 No Comments
    acaas.exe is part of the AhnLab ACA 1.0 for Windows. It is a completely legitimate process, and its termination is down ...
  • acals.exe April 7th, 2008 No Comments
    acals.exe is part of the ACA 1.0 application and is responsible for the functioning of the AhnLab Program.
  • AcctMgr.exe October 1st, 2007 No Comments
    File AcctMgr.exe is related to Norton Password Manager. This is a legitimate application, which stores user's account in...
  • acrord32.exe April 7th, 2008 No Comments
    This file is a part of application program Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is used to open PDF documents. Process acrord32.exe ...
  • AcroTray.exe January 2nd, 2008 1 Comments
    This file is related to Adobe Acrobat Distiller program, which is used to print PDF documents. It works with Acrobat Dis...
  • acsd.exe October 1st, 2007 No Comments
    This file is a part of AOL 9.0 package program. It is used to deal with the connection to the internet, so it must be le...
  • acstart16.exe January 2nd, 2008 No Comments
    acstart16.exe is related to the AutoCAD application. Do not terminate this process while using AutoCAD.
  • actalert.exe September 5th, 2007 No Comments
    This file is a part of ACT! application, published by Best Software company. However, when you do not have ACT! installe...
  • adaware.exe April 4th, 2005 1 Comments
    adaware.exe is a file related to RapidBlaster parasite. It is dangerous and can perform various harmful actions, such as...
  • adeck.exe April 8th, 2008 No Comments
    adeck.exe is part of the VIA audio driver package and is run by the Audio Deck application. You may terminate it at will...
  • adm4005.exe September 19th, 2007 No Comments
    adm4005.exe is a malicious process related to Altnet adware application. Its main function is to monitor your browsing h...
  • admtray.exe April 8th, 2008 No Comments
    admtray.exe is part of the Acer program package and stands for tray program for their utilities. It is not an essential ...
  • Adobe Gamma Loader.exe August 15th, 2004 No Comments
    From adobe: "The Adobe Gamma Control Panel is used to eliminate color casts in a monitor's display. This allows for accu...
  • adservice.exe January 2nd, 2008 No Comments
    Executable adservice.exe is a special tool, known as Active Disk Service. It is included in Iomega Zip drivers. Running ...
  • AdskScSrv.exe August 21st, 2012 No Comments
    AdskScSrv.exe is a non-system process that belongs to the Autodesk licensing service application (AutoCAD is one of thei...
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