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Rundll32.exe is a legitimate Microsoft Windows operating system's process, which is responsible for loading and running dynamic link library (.dll) files. Rundll32.exe comes with all versions of Windows OS and it works by employing a function that is exported from a specific DLL module. In non-technical terms, it helps to execute DLL files and place their libraries into the system’s memory. Under no circumstances you should terminate this process because it's essential to the proper operation of your system. 


Spyware, adware, keyloggers, Trojans and other viruses often hide behind the rundll32.exe process. Note that LEGITIMATE rundll32.exe file is normally located in the folder C:\Windows\System32. If your file‘s location is different, we highly recommend checking the system with anti-malware program. Malicious rundll32.exe may be related to Trojan horses StartPage, ZenDown, Rebohon or Wowcraft. Besides, it can also be used by a hacker to use your system as a bot and spread malware.

Verdict - status of the file:

diagnosis required research center gathers and checks all information related to rundll32.exe. We ask ourselves the questions like: Do this file pose a threat? Does the filename is exploited by Malware? and other. The final status of the file is purely our opinion.
DIAGNOSIS REQUIRED status means that this filename is exploited by the viruses. There can be the
dangerous file with the same name as the safe file. Use the Advice below:


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Comments on rundll32.exe

I run the command as stated above for windows xp and received this error. Tasklist is not recognized as an internal or external command. Please advise


This is a great resource!. hanks!
I tried your suggestion.My system wont accept commands written this way.Ive got xp however might be why
thanks that seemed to do the trick .
my brother accidentally deleted the rundll32 file, and some of the programs we need wont open. will someone please help me find a downloadable rundll32.exe file?
I thought that this was a virus of some kind, and deleted it, now Some of my programs are not running becasue I deleted it, where can I find a cop of this program?
if you cannot stop it in task manager with selection END PROCESS then try END PROCESS TREE, i made it that way(i had 7 rundll32.exe running).
Thomas Alexander
It is not possible to get into my folders IE "my music" and i believe rundll32.exe is the problem although i am not entirely sure. If anyone has a legitimate solution post it up on users comments
RunDll32.exe often takes up 100% of my CPU blocking all my work
Everytime I restart my PC, rundll32 always have to end program. previously there no such thing happen in my PC. What is happening with my PC is there a virus or infected with adware and spyware? kindly help.
How i fixed my problem of rundll32.exe?

I searched in many forum sites of how to repair rundll32.exe but turns out many sites led me to specialised PC repair products which would perform free scans of my computer and when it comes time to fix them, they ask for product keys.
I certainly believe they would never repair the rundll32 file as they never actually detected them.

So i decided to replace the rundll32 file with the backup file. For those of you who dont know where the rundll32 backup file is located, its in your C:WindowsPrefetch or your i386 folder. When i went to delete the rundll32 file it said ’Access Denied’ which turned out to be another dead end.

I finally gave up and decided to format my whole PC. When i was almost thinking to go for it, i came across an article which i thought was worth a last try. You can find this article over here.

According to the article, i took the following steps:
1.First, to take ownership of the rundll32.exe file go to Start menu > Run. Type cmd to open Command Prompt.
2.Now type the following command to take ownership of the file :
takeown /f C:WindowsSystem32rundll32.exe
3.Dont hurry, we still cant delete the file, we have just taken ownership of the file and have no control over the file yet. Now type the following command to gain full access on the file :
cacls C:WindowsSystem32rundll32.exe /G rdx:F (NOTE: Please replace ‘rdx’ with your System Username)
4.Thats it, now head over to C:WindowsSystem32 and delete the rundll file. If you still cant delete, restart your computer in Safe Mode and open CMD. Then type in del C:Windowssystem32rundll32.exe.
This will surely erase the file from your system.

Now i sucessfully copied the backup file into C:WindowsSystem32 folder. Your backup file will be located in either C:WindowsPrefetch folder or the ‘i386′ folder.
Finally, my WINDOWS was working fine.

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