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Eliminate Softonicstart.com virus

The characteristics of Softonicstart.com virus Softonicstart.com virus is a potentially unwanted program that might hijack the most popular web browsers. Due to its features, this PUP is classified as a browser hijacker. Thus, on the affected computer it aims at browsers and alters their settings. More
Browser Hijackers   March 30, 2017

Scearch-naitiy.ru virus fix

Repetitious redirects caused by Scearch-naitiy.ru are dangerous - what should you know about them? Be careful not to install Scearch-naitiy.ru virus on your computer, otherwise, your attempts to browse the Internet can become a nerve-wracking experience. The crux of the matter is that this potentially unwanted program can be installed without your authorization, and... More
Adware   March 30, 2017

Mk.scorpion@aol.com ransomware virus removal guide

What should I know about Mk.scorpion@aol.com ransomware? Computer users recently started to complain about Mk.scorpion@aol.com virus attacks. Apparently, the virus belongs to Wallet ransomware category, and it means that at the moment there are no free decryption tools that could restore files corrupted by this ransomware. More
Ransomware   March 30, 2017

Kill eAdvisor ads

What is known about the eAdvisor virus? Under the term "eAdvisor virus” hides the adware program which is responsible for flooding web browsers with various online ads. This app has an official website where it is presented as a browser extension that helps to save money. More
Adware   March 30, 2017

Remove Search.myweathertab.com virus

Things to know before using Search.myweathertab.com search engine Search.myweathertab.com virus is known as a suspicious search engine that tends to hijack the main web browsers - Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, and Safari. This search tool is a creation of Eightpoint Technologies Ltd; meanwhile, Polarity Technologies Ltd helps to distribute it. These two compani... More
Browser Hijackers   March 30, 2017

Kill Searchmaster.net virus

How useful is Searchmaster.net? If you have decided to vivify your search engine, searchmaster.net virus might catch your eye. Despite its inspiring landscapes, it is not recommended to keep this browsing tool as the main homepage. More
Browser Hijackers   March 30, 2017

L0CK3R74H4T ransomware virus removal guide

“Mafia Malware Indonesia” released a new malware - L0CK3R74H4T ransomware virus The L0CK3R74H4T virus is a renamed version of the SADStory ransomware. This recently discovered crypto-malware hasn’t attacked any computer users yet. However, you should be aware of the fact that new file-encrypting virus might attempt to damage files on your computer. More
Ransomware   March 29, 2017

Spora ransomware surprises with an excellent support service

Newly discovered Spora ransomware still is a hot discussion topic in the online community. More
General   March 22, 2017

Yahoo hacked again: culprits used forged cookies to break into users’ accounts

Yahoo successfully continues to lose its outstanding reputation. More
Spyware News   March 22, 2017

Cerber ransom note was detected in two Android apps

Malware researchers have just spotted the Cerber ransom note in the source code of two Android applications. More
General   March 22, 2017

Faulty backups expose River City Media’s spam operations and a database of 1.4bn email accounts

A group of investigators from MacKeeper, CSOOnline, and Spamhaus have unmasked probably one of the largest spam operations in the world. More
Spam and phishing   March 22, 2017
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