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World of Warcraft phishing campaign lures gamers with free goods

World of Warcraft is a popular multiplayer online game released by a company called Blizzard Entertainment back in 2004. More
Spam and phishing   March 30, 2017

Movie4k.to removal instructions

Should you trust Movie4k.to website? Movie4k.to virus is a term used to describe dangerous programs you risk installing when exploring Movie4k.to web page. More
Rogue websites   March 29, 2017

Removal of ByteFence redirect

ByteFence by Byte Technologies is NOT a virus. It is a legitimate anti-malware program which is supposed to protect computers against the infiltration of serious cyber threats, such as Trojans, Worms, Spyware, Crapware and so on. However, despite the fact that the app itself is legit, the online community has recently noticed a new suspicious search engine distribut... More
Browser Hijackers   March 29, 2017

Terminate Ads by PriceMinus

What lies behind the veneer of PriceMinus? PriceMinus virus operates as an ad-supported browser add-on which provides users discounts and coupons. Let us inform you that it is one of a multiple application of such sort. More
Adware   March 28, 2017

Eliminate Newssci.com virus

Should you trust Newssci.com? If you have been looking for a new recipe, you might have run into Newssci.com virus. This Russian website may look quite “delicious.” Despite its appealing veneer, it is not recommended to visit it. More
Adware   March 27, 2017

Monument ransomware virus removal guide

Monument ransomware virus: What to expect from the new member of the Jigsaw family? Monument virus is a new version of the Jigsaw ransomware. Malware researchers managed to decrypt Jigsaw quite quickly; thus, new versions of the malware keep emerging. More
Ransomware   March 27, 2017

BTCWare ransomware virus removal guide

How destructive is BTCware ransomware? IT experts suspect that a newly-emerged BTCware virus is derived from CryptXXX ransomware family. It operates as an ordinary file-encrypting threat. More
Ransomware   March 27, 2017

Uninstalling Ad-Maven ads

Why should you know about Ad-Maven ads? Numerous Ad-Maven ads might disturb browsing sessions by filling your browser with commercial content. Surfing the web might become an annoying and nerve-wracking activity. More
Adware   March 27, 2017

The little secret from Microsoft is revealed, and it’s called Green Screen of Death

Will Blue Screen of Death be replaced with green system crash screen? More
General   March 22, 2017

Crypt0L0cker is back picking Italy as its primary target

Crypt0L0cker had been actively carrying out attacks on Australian and European users from 2013 through 2015. More
General   March 22, 2017

Hackers take revenge: ID Ransomware servers hit by DDoS attacks

Battling ransomware is a perilous business and often turns against the ones who attempt to immobilize these file-encrypting parasites. More
General   March 22, 2017
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