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Uninstalling Browser Shop adware

Peculiarities of Browser Shop adware Browser Shop virus is a vague ad-supported piece of software that is designed to serve third-party ads for the computer user. More
Adware   March 27, 2017

Attack on Apple: ransomware hackers target 300 million iPhones

While Android users have been having a hard time due to continuous cyber attacks, it seems that hackers now point their daggers to Apple. More
General   March 23, 2017

Uninstalling AngleWare ransomware virus

What kind of virus is AngleWare? How dangerous is it? AngleWare virus first emerged in March 2017, and malware researchers quickly identified it as one of numerous HiddenTear ransomware spin-offs. More
Ransomware   March 23, 2017

Enable macro settings? A new virus paves its way into Mac OS computers

Mac OS devices have been popular not only for their convenient usage and attractive design but for the immunity to cyber threats. More
Viruses and parasites   March 22, 2017

Cybercriminals now use Dropbox links to spread ransomware via phishing emails

The number of ransomware attacks is growing, and while malware analysts concentrate on such dangerous viruses like Cerber, Locky or Spora, developers of less pronounced ransomware viruses get a chance to improve their projects silently. More
General   March 22, 2017

Advertising trojans take top position in mobile viruses

Reviewing the malware trends in 2016, virus researchers noticed a surge in mobile trojans. More
Spyware News   March 22, 2017

Major discovery: the identities of hackers behind the 2014 Yahoo data breach revealed

In the beginning of 2014, Yahoo was only yet to know what grandiose cyber hack campaign was ahead of them. More
Spyware News   March 22, 2017

What is LLTP Locker ransomware virus

LLTP Locker ransomware in a nutshell Spanish users should be extremely vigilant as they can be targeted with a new file-encrypting threat called LLTP Locker virus. Specialists suspect that the malware was derived from well-known virus called VenusLocker. The current version encrypts data with an exquisite encryption algorithm, RSA-2048. More
Ransomware   March 22, 2017

Pinterest virus fix

Is it possible to get a virus from Pinterest? Pinterest virus is a term that describes scams and viruses that are spread via the Pinterest platform. The platform itself is reputable and legitimate, and hundreds of thousands enjoy using it every day. More
Malware   March 21, 2017

Uninstalling AppTrailers ads

AppTrailers review: should you trust this application? Those users, who are interested in making small amounts of money by watching commercial videos might get tempted to install AppTrailers virus. More
Adware   March 21, 2017

Uninstalling PC Clean Plus virus

Review of PC Clean Plus virus PC Clean Plus is distributed as a registry fixer and optimization tool. Despite its promoted features and benefits, IT experts have doubts about the benefits of this application. If you have a vigilant eye, you might notice the exaggerated advertising texts and users‘ testimonials about the usefulness of such program. More
System tools   March 20, 2017
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