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  • SpyPartner November 19th, 2004 No Comments
    From the publisher:'Equipped with keylogger as well as screen shot recording technology, making it a complete spy partne...
  • SpyPC August 5th, 2004 No Comments
    Variants: SpyPC 2.0 From the publisher: 'SpyPC v.2.0 is a software developed by Padam Infotech Pvt. Ltd., a company r...
  • SpyRex July 28th, 2005 No Comments
    It captures information about visited web sites. Information can be viewed by day, week, month or custom date range.
  • Spyster August 5th, 2004 No Comments
    Variants: Spyster 1.0.19 From the publisher: 'Napster, Gnutella, etc claim that users are anonymous when transferri...
  • Spytech Shadow October 1st, 2005 1 Comments
    Spytech Shadow is a commercial computer surveillance tool that tracks user Internet activity, records all keystrokes and...
  • Spytech SpyAOL 1.00.02 August 9th, 2004 No Comments
    Spytech SpyAOL 1.00.02 records what user does. From the publisher: 'Spytech SpyAOL is a powerful and easy-to-use soft...
  • Spytector August 10th, 2005 No Comments
    Spytector is a commercial keylogger that tracks user activity, logs keystrokes, takes screenshots, records passwords and...
  • Spyware.IspyNow December 3rd, 2008 No Comments
    Spyware.IspyNow is a keylogger application created for spying. Program tracks every single key stroke and monitor all co...
  • Spyworks August 9th, 2004 No Comments
    Spyworks is keylogger made by Desaware Inc. group in March, 2003.
  • Spyworks beta August 9th, 2004 No Comments
    Spyworks beta is keylogger made byDesaware Inc group in February, 2003.
  • SRDL August 9th, 2004 No Comments
    Variants: SRDL 1.3, SRDL 1.4
  • SSKC March 19th, 2004 No Comments
    From the documentation: "SSKC is a stealth key logger, that can log keys typed in all windows except in DOS boxes incl...
  • Ssppyy September 11th, 2005 No Comments
    Ssppyy is a powerful commercial keylogger that tracks user activity, logs all keystrokes, takes screenshots, captures on...
  • StarLogger December 17th, 2007 No Comments
    StarLogger is a commercial keylogger that is often used as a children's or office workers' surveillance tool. However, i...
  • STARR May 20th, 2010 1 Comments
    STARR, also known as ActMon, is a commercial computer surveillance program that logs user keystrokes, takes screenshots,...
  • STARR PC & Internet Monitor December 20th, 2007 No Comments
    STARR PC & Internet Monitor is Key Logger. Runs silently, captures keystrokes. From the publisher: 'Yahoo IM 5.0 Suppo...
  • Start Spy 2.0.0108.2000 October 16th, 2007 No Comments
    From the publisher: 'Start Spy is a nice little application which basic goal is to keep a trace of the Windows sessions...
  • Stealth Activity Reporter October 14th, 2005 No Comments
    Stealth Activity Reporter, also known as STAR, is a commercial computer monitoring tool that tracks user activity, logs ...
  • Stealth Email Redirector March 24th, 2005 No Comments
    Variants: Stealth Email Redirector 2.0.1 From the publisher: 'a program that sends the copies of all outgoing email...
  • Stealth Keyboard Interceptor September 17th, 2005 No Comments
    Stealth Keyboard Interceptor, also known as SKIn2000 is a commercial keylogger able to track user activity, intercept ke...
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