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Apple reassures that vulnerabilities disclosed in "Dark Matter” leak are obsolete

"Dark Matter" is not the title of a science-fiction show or a chapter from an astronomy book. More
General   March 24, 2017

SaveNShare ads removal instructions

Should you rely on the offers provided by SaveNShare ads? SaveNShare ads might offer various great deals and discounts for online shopping, or deliver a misleading warnings about a necessity to scan the computer with security software. None of these two offers should intrigue you or encourage to click them. More
Adware   March 24, 2017

Get rid of BeansPlayer ads

Reasons to keep away from BeansPlayer ads Seeing BeansPlayer ads on the browser might warn you about adware program staying on your computer. This ad-supported program probably sneaked inside your PC bundled with one of the recently installed software. Computer users report that online ads started popping up immediately after installing the BeansPlayer media player. More
Adware   March 23, 2017

Internet Speed Tool virus removal instructions

How beneficial is Internet Speed Tool? Internet Speed Tool virus tries to appeal to users who are looking for ways to improve the performance of their browsers. Despite how alluring the design may look and how convincing it may sound, it is not recommended to install this plug-in. More
Browser Plugins   March 23, 2017

CryptoSearch — a new remedy for the ransomware victims

Crypto-ransomware has been terrorizing the computer users for years , and the virus experts have been working hard to help the victims recover from the attacks. More
General   March 22, 2017

8 years worth of police data taken hostage by Osiris ransomware

Within the last couple of years, an increasing number of law enforcement organizations around the world have been joining forces with cyber security experts in hopes of making the web environment more secure. More
General   March 22, 2017

Manage your taxes safely: cyber security experts suggest how to avoid identity theft

Tax season leaves nobody indifferent. Some are looking forward to getting that extra reward for the years hard work, while others sigh with discontent even thinking about having to waste their whole evening filling boring forms. More
General   March 22, 2017

Getting rid of Thirafileb-uk.ru virus

Reasons why users start experiencing Thirafileb-uk.ru redirects Thirafileb-uk.ru virus can start bothering you all of a sudden. It is a browser hijacker type infection that serves a cornucopia of advertisements during each browsing session, and unfortunately, this potentially unwanted program targets every web browser, which means that the problem won’t go away if... More
Browser Hijackers   March 22, 2017

Removing Startstreaming.net ads

Should I worry about Startstreaming.net ads? Startstreaming.net virus can possess your computer system and force all your web browsers to act suspiciously. If you started to experience repetitious redirects to Startstreaming.net site, it means that your PC has been affected by an adware-type software that tries to convince you to install Startstreaming hijacker. More
Browser Hijackers   March 21, 2017

How to remove AnonFive ransomware virus

AnonFive virus attempts to debut in ransomware industry AnonFive virus does not differ from standard ransomware-type computer programs that are created to be used as extortion tools. There has been a tendency to create new ransomware programs based on open-source educational ransomware projects, and AnonFive ransomware is designed the same way, too. It turns out to... More
Ransomware   March 21, 2017

Get rid of Spock Decryptor

The truth about Spock Decryptor Though “Spock Decryptor virus” may not the most precise way of introducing this dangerous program, it allows us to indicate the dangerous essence of an application which works on behalf of a malicious file-encrypting ransomware virus. Essentially, Spock is a paid decryptor that the creators of Kirk ransomware offer to their victim... More
Ransomware   March 21, 2017
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