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Cyber experts warn about three new cyber threats: Spora, Satan, and Seige ransomware viruses

Three new file-encrypting viruses started threatening all online community – Spora, Satan, and Seige. More
Viruses and parasites   January 24, 2017

Terminate iPrivate Multi Search virus

How iPrivate Multi Search benefits from the unsuspecting users? iPrivate Multi Search virus is a tricky application that balances between a malware and simply an annoying application. The program is promoted by the software distribution company called Ienjoyapps which is responsible for the release of a number of different applications. More
Browser Hijackers   January 24, 2017

WinSnare virus removal instructions

What do you need to know about WinSnare program? WinSnare PUP, which often is identified as WinSnare virus, is a suspicious application that collects information from the target computer and sends logs to a remote server. More
System tools   January 20, 2017

Uninstall Plusnetwork.com redirect

Review of Plusnetwork.com Plusnetwork.com virus may look like a search engine. More
Browser Hijackers   January 19, 2017

WhatsApp security flaw allows spying on encrypted messages

Latest news about security hole found in popular messaging application WhatsApp shocked users and the entire community. More
General   January 18, 2017

Remove Perisbritneybig.ru virus

How to recognize Perisbritneybig.ru hijack? Perisbritneybig.ru virus is a potentially unwanted application that alters web browsers settings on the affected computers. More
Browser Hijackers   January 18, 2017

News-cloud.net virus removal steps

How does News-cloud.net browser hijacker function? News-cloud.net virus is one of those suspicious programs that change user’s browser’s homepage all of sudden, completely without user’s knowledge. More
Browser Hijackers   January 17, 2017

Terminate Spora ransomware virus

Spora ransomware targets Russian PC users It seems that Spora virus is about to be the next big player in the ransomware world. More
Ransomware   January 17, 2017

Getting rid of WebWebWeb.com virus

Is it a good idea to use WebWebWeb.com search engine? Under the term WebWebWeb.com virus hides a freshly looking and simply-designed search engine that delivers results from our beloved Google. More
Browser Hijackers   January 17, 2017

Android user? Beware of the Super Mario Run imposter!

Super Mario Run has achieved a great success after being released on App Store last December. This iOS app from Nintendo has been downloaded over 40 million times just within a few days after its release and currently stands first in the Free Apps category . More
General   January 03, 2017

New malicious spam campaign stokes Cerber distribution

According to the virus researchers, Cerber currently stands in the third place among the most actively distributed ransomware viruses out there. More
General   November 30, 2016
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