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Chromestart.info virus fix

Why was your homepage replaced to Chromestart.info? Chromestart.info virus is another suspicious search engine that might appear on your browser unexpectedly. This application is classified as a browser hijacker because it attacks web browsers and modifies their settings. More
Browser Hijackers   January 23, 2017

Sage 2.0 ransomware virus removal

The dangerous features of Sage 2.0 ransomware: Sage 2.0 virus is a descendant of the Sage ransomware virus which has initially evolved from the CryLocker virus family. More
Ransomware   January 23, 2017

Getting rid of Search.hollyarrow.com virus

Reasons why you might not want to use search engine from Search.hollyarrow.com site Search.hollyarrow.com virus is a program to avoid if you like to use a well-known and trustworthy search engine. More
Browser Hijackers   January 20, 2017

StreamlinedDIY Toolbar fix

Analysis of StreamlinedDIY Toolbar StreamlinedDIY Toolbar operates as a browser plug-in developed by Mindspark Interactive Network. More
System tools   January 20, 2017

Us.minehp.com virus removal steps

Why should you stay away from Us.minehp.com? Us.minehp.com virus aims at all popular web browsers and takes full control over them. More
Browser Hijackers   January 20, 2017

Search.classifiedseasy.com virus removal guide

Search.classifiedseasy.com virus – another member of the broad hijackers’ family For those who follow news from the browser hijackers’ world, Search.classifiedseasy.com virus might look familiar. More
Browser Hijackers   January 19, 2017

GhostAdmin virus removal guide

The dangers of GhostAdmin virus The GhostAdmin virus is a recently discovered and extremely dangerous cyber threat that connects affected computer to the botnet, silently steals victims’ private information and keeps it on the remote server. More
Malware   January 19, 2017

New phishing scam campaign attacked Netflix subscribers

For some Americans, who love spending evenings watching TV series and movies, the idyll of “Netflix and chill” might have ended up pretty bad. More
Spam and phishing   January 12, 2017

Extortionists succeed to swindle away $28,000 from Los Angeles Valley College

The personnel and students of the Los Angeles Valley College were in for an unpleasant surprise when the institution's network was attacked by ransomware a day before the New Year’s Eve . More
General   January 11, 2017

What is the function of budget A32aD85 xls.vbs

How dangerous is budget A32aD85 xls.vbs file? Finding budget A32aD85 xls.vbs file on the computer does not signal good news. On the opposite, this probably means that your device is being targeted or is already infected with Thor ransomware virus. More
  November 10, 2016

Worrying statistics: most malicious spam emails carry ransomware

We have just recently talked about this year's sudden increase in spam activity which has reached and already bypassed the highs of 2010. More
General   October 18, 2016
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