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Eliminate Torpedo Deals ads

Why are Torpedo Deals ads bombarding my browser? Torpedo Deals ads offer various deals, coupons and other offers for online shoppers that might look great and help to save extra money. However, if you have a passion for shopping and always look for new ways to spend less money, we highly suggest staying away from this application. More
Adware   February 24, 2017

What is SuperEx ads

How dangerous are the SuperEx ads? SuperEx virus is an adware application which is responsible for flooding numerous computers with pop-ups, banners and all sorts of other commercial online content. Such an extensive advertising may decrease the browsing quality and even make computers more vulnerable to malware infections. More
Adware   February 24, 2017

Faststartpage.com virus removal guide

Redirects to Faststartpage.com or Net-quick.com. Why do I experience them? Faststartpage.com virus does not deserve to lurk in your computer system, so if you have a suspicion that it could silently install itself on your PC, take actions to remove it immediately. More
Browser Hijackers   February 23, 2017

Winkeyexpired.xyz virus removal steps

Warnings coming from Winkeyexpired.xyz site - should I believe what they say? Winkeyexpired.xyz virus is a term that we use to define an annoying phishing website created by tech support scammers. Unfortunately, it is still active. More
Malware   February 22, 2017

Terminate TrumpLocker ransomware virus

TrumpLocker virus is not a joke - it is a fearsome file-encrypting ransomware TrumpLocker virus is the second ransomware Donald Trump-themed ransomware. The first one was Donald Trump ransomware; however, the new variant seems to be far more sophisticated. It has been confirmed that this ransomware is developed using pieces of VenusLocker ransomware code, as malware... More
Ransomware   February 22, 2017

“Error 0x80072ee7” virus fix

“Error 0x80072ee7” virus wants you to call to fake tech support line “Error 0x80072ee7” virus belongs to the group of Tech Support Scam viruses that are trying to convince people that their computers have been infected with dangerous cyber infection and personal details are stolen. The virus spreads and infiltrates the computer in the form of an adware progra... More
Adware   February 22, 2017

Getting rid of “Update your Flash Player for Win 10” ads

Are “Update your Flash Player for Win 10” ads genuine? Once Update your Flash Player for Win 10 virus settles on the computer, you will see related notifications asking you to install the update. Though this computer pest is merely adware, do not ignore the presence of this PUP. More
Adware   February 22, 2017

Simulated LogicLocker ransomware attack points out insecure industrial systems

Cyber criminals have already proved that ransomware is a threat not only to home computer users. More
General   February 15, 2017

Cerber is not giving up its position as the No. 1 ransomware in the world

There is no denying that 2016 has been a year of ransomware , but it was an especially successful time for one particular parasite -- the Cerber virus. More
General   February 08, 2017

Own a Netgear router? Update its firmware now!

Recently, US-CERT released an announcement about a bug in Netgear’s R7000 and R6400 routers, which allowed attackers to inject commands. More
General   February 07, 2017

Good news for ransomware victims: HiddenTear, Jigsaw, Stampado and Philadelphia are decryptable

The online community was threatened by approximately 200 new ransomware viruses last year. More
General   February 03, 2017
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