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How to remove Youndoo.com

Youndoo virus. How bad is it? Youndoo virus was first detected in June 2016. More
Browser Hijackers   February 24, 2017

My.yoursearch.me virus removal steps

What should you know about my.yoursearch.me? If you are thinking to set my.yoursearch.me virus as your main search engine, restrain from this action. Firstly, let us note that it is classified as a browser hijacker. More
Browser Hijackers   February 24, 2017

What is StartPageing123.com virus

What should you know about StartPageing123.com virus? The StartPageing123.com virus hides a suspicious search engine that tends to appear on the browsers out of the blue. Despite this fact, for some computer users, it may look like an ordinary search engine. More
Browser Hijackers   February 24, 2017

Pickles ransomware virus removal guide

Pickles ransomware is not a joke: it encrypts your files The hackers have made sure to preoccupy the virus researchers this weekend as well by launching Pickles virus. Despite the mocking title, the malware operates as a file-encrypting malware written in the Python programming language. It encodes the files and appends .encrypted file extension. More
Ransomware   February 24, 2017

Dealing with Android ransomware: “tell me the unlock code”

It seemed that there was no virus that could surprise virus researchers anymore. More
Viruses and parasites   February 23, 2017

Getting rid of Zridi.net virus

Why does my browser repeatedly open Zridi.net search engine at random times? Zridi.net virus is a potentially unwanted program published by MaisMedia. It falls into browser hijacker category because it changes homepage settings in every web browser it hijacks. More
Browser Hijackers   February 23, 2017

MNS CRYPTOLOCKER ransomware virus removal steps

MNS Cryptolocker and Cryptolocker. Do they hail from the same family? More
Ransomware   February 23, 2017

AES-NI ransomware virus removal instructions

How dangerous is AES-NI ransomware? AES-NI ransomware virus hails from the same family as AES256 ransomware. Unlike other newbies, these ransomware viruses do not lag behind complex viruses which blackmail PC users to infect their friends to retrieve personal data . More
Ransomware   February 22, 2017

Enable macro settings? A new virus paves its way into Mac OS computers

Mac OS devices have been popular not only for their convenient usage and attractive design but for the immunity to cyber threats. More
Viruses and parasites   February 13, 2017

What is ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS)?

In the past few years, the dominating theme in IT media articles was none other than ransomware. More
Viruses and parasites   February 08, 2017

Spora ransomware disguises under fake Chrome Font Pack update

It is no surprise that cyber racketeers manifest their creativity by exploiting various Windows and Mac features, services, networks and browsers for their misdeeds. More
Viruses and parasites   February 01, 2017
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