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Android ransomware removal steps

The latest Android ransomware features: The Android virus is an unusual ransomware. It is a malicious parasite used to disable Android OS-running devices and make the victims pay a set amount of ransom just to get the control over their smartphones back again. It started spreading around as a simple virus that blocks the access to the phone with a lock screen ransom... More
Ransomware   January 24, 2017

What is Jhon Woddy ransomware virus

What is Jhon Woddy virus? Jhon Woddy virus operates as a file-encrypting malware. More
Ransomware   January 23, 2017

Indiana cancer agency suffers from the ransomware attack

Cyber criminals see no limits in choosing a new victim. A week ago, Cancer Services of East Central Indiana-Little Red Door located in Muncie, Indiana became yet another target . More
News   January 20, 2017

Uninstall CryptoShadow ransomware virus

CryptoShadow enters the ransomware market CryptoShadow virus is presented as a file-encrypting threat. More
Ransomware   January 19, 2017

Kill SamSam ransomware virus

The latest information about SamSam virus SamSam virus loudly announced about its appearance by infecting several hospitals in the United States and encrypting their key data systems . More
Ransomware   January 19, 2017

Eliminate NMoreira ransomware virus

Updated NMoreira ransomware keeps attacking unsuspecting victims in 2017 NMoreira virus has been spotted in the end of 2016, but it steps into 2017 with a brand new version known as Nmoreira 2.0 ransomware virus. More
Ransomware   January 19, 2017

Removal of Balkan.ba virus

Key arguments why you should beware of balkan.ba Balkan.ba virus happens to be none other than a browser hijacker. More
Browser Hijackers   January 18, 2017

Games4Tab.com virus removal instructions

Why does Games4Tab.com appear in my web browsers? Games4Tab.com virus is a browser hijacker and a potentially unwanted program that meets the description of a spyware-type program. More
Browser Hijackers   January 18, 2017

Adobe releases urgent update for Flash in response to continuous cyber attacks

Due to constant exploits and attacks on the Adobe products, the company has issued first security patches for 42 vulnerabilities this year. More
News   January 16, 2017

5 scam types you should beware of in 2017

What scams should we expect in 2017 When it comes to scheming and virtual felonies, computer aces empower all resources of imagination to entrap users in their predetermined scenarios. More
General   January 12, 2017

Menace descends upon Apple users: malware assaults through DDoS attacks

Computer gearheads have shifted their attention to a new target – Apple users. More
Viruses and parasites   January 10, 2017
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