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Removing Searchtopresults.com virus

Review of searchtopresults.com Searchtopresults.com virus operates as a browser hijacker which targets users worldwide. It may as well infect Windows or Mac OS systems and any browser. At the moment, the website has fallen under the attention of virus experts. More
Browser Hijackers   January 24, 2017

Experts reveal software vulnerability statistics of 2016

The official Heimdal security website has recently posted an important article in which the virus analyst Andra Zaharia is summarizing CVE Details statistics to single out most vulnerable software of 2016. More
General   January 23, 2017

Removing Timesearchnow.com virus

Reasons to avoid Timesearchnow.com search: Timesearchnow.com virus is one of those unpleasant extra programs that mess up your regular browsing sessions without even asking for user's permission in a direct way. More
Browser Hijackers   January 23, 2017

BrowserMe virus removal instructions

Why you should protect your PC from BrowserMe and Chrome_Font.exe programs? More
Trojans   January 23, 2017

DNRansomware virus removal steps

All victims of DNRansomware can use the same decryption password to restore their files now Have you been infected with a ransomware that calls itself DNRansomware virus? More
Ransomware   January 23, 2017

Eliminate Search.qamails.com virus

The worrying facts about Search.qamails.com: Search.qamails.com virus is another browser hijacker that threatens Mac OS X systems. More
Browser Hijackers   January 20, 2017

Satan ransomware virus removal guide

Satan ransomware kit available on the deep web: increased number of attacks expected Satan virus is one of those ransomware viruses that are Ransomware-as-a-Service type. More
Ransomware   January 19, 2017

How to remove MRCR1 ransomware virus

MRCR1 ransomware virus has been defeated MRCR1 virus, also known as Merry X-Mas! More
Ransomware   January 12, 2017

The best anti-malware software of 2017

In 2016, the cyber-security community has been confronted with numerous challenges. More
General   January 12, 2017

Scammer’s dream: researcher finds vulnerabilities in Microsoft Edge browser

Online security and software’s resistance to hacking has always been one of the main priorities to the software’s developers. More
General   December 13, 2016

What is the function of OSIRIS-9b28.html

What is the purpose of OSIRIS-9b28.html file? OSIRIS-9b28.html is a malicious file that appears on the computer after the Osiris ransomware virus secretly infiltrates the system and encrypts the existing files. Osiris is one of the latest versions of the infamous Locky virus which is this year’s most dreaded cyber threat. More
  December 07, 2016
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