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Define Sage2decrypter.exe file. Do I need it?

How dangerous is Sage2decrypter.exe? Sage2decrypter.exe file is a malicious executable which is is related to the notorious SAGE ransomware. In particular, this file is responsible for executing the SAGE 2.0 decrypter which should supposedly unlock files that the ransomware has encrypted and roll back the system to its original state. More
  February 16, 2017

Terminate Howtonews.ru virus

All you need to know about Howtonews.ru browser hijacker Howtonews.ru virus can be called a troublesome browser hijacker. It means that it is not a malicious program, but a potentially unwanted one and such programs do not deserve to be kept on the computer system. As soon as it enters the computer, it finds installed Internet browsers and replaces URL in their homep... More
Browser Hijackers   February 15, 2017

How to remove Xampp Locker ransomware virus

Overview of the Xampp Locker virus: Xampp Locker virus can pretty much be every computer user’s worst nightmare since it sneaks into the system by stealth and then locks the containing files using complex AES and RSA encryption algorithms . In particular, this ransomware that surfaced the Web earlier in February jumbles up the contents of the files, and they becom... More
Ransomware   February 14, 2017

Removing Opentoyou@india.com ransomware virus

What should you know if the virus that encrypted your files asks to write a letter to Opentoyou@india.com? Opentoyou@india.com virus emerged at the beginning of 2017, and cyber security experts often call this virus OpenToYou ransomware. This virus is written in Delphi programming language, and it employs RC4 algorithm to encrypt the data stored on the computer sy... More
Ransomware   February 14, 2017

MSSecTeam Tech Support Scam virus removal steps

What is "Notice from Microsoft Corporation"? MSSecTeam virus operates like a scam oriented at Windows users. The crooks strike with a commonly used technique by pretending to be the tech support specialists from the Microsoft Corporation. More
Malware   February 14, 2017

Social-enhancer.com virus removal guide

What can you expect from social-enhancer.com? At first glance, social-enhancer.com virus may seem as a reliable search engine. Despite its plain veneer, users may choose this browsing tool. More
Browser Hijackers   February 13, 2017

Samas ransomware removal

Samas ransomware analysis Samas virus is one of the most persistent ransomware infections out there . This parasite has been around since 2014 and over the past year has swindled at least 450,000 USD from the unsuspecting victims in North America and Europe . Of course, the program had to come a long way to get to where it is at the moment and, looking from the tech... More
Ransomware   February 10, 2017

How to remove Polarisearch.com virus

Can you trust Polarisearch.com? Polarisearch.com virus may fool users that it is a reliable search engine. As a matter of fact, it is only a deceiving veneer. More
Browser Hijackers   February 09, 2017

8 years worth of police data taken hostage by Osiris ransomware

Within the last couple of years, an increasing number of law enforcement organizations around the world have been joining forces with cyber security experts in hopes of making the web environment more secure . More
General   February 06, 2017

CryptoSearch — a new remedy for the ransomware victims

Crypto-ransomware has been terrorizing the computer users for years , and the virus experts have been working hard to help the victims recover from the attacks. More
General   January 17, 2017

The best ransomware removal tools of 2017

2016 definitely deserves a title as the year of ransomware. More
Anti-spyware software   January 12, 2017
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