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Can 2016 be the beginning of a new spam era?

If you regularly keep an eye on your email’s "Spam" folder, you might have already noticed a concerning tendency – an increasing amount of junk mail is reaching our electronic mailboxes every day. More
General News   2016-09-27

RAUM makes torrent downloading more dangerous than ever before

While the majority of virtual community prefers remaining silent about this file-sharing form, the popularity of torrent websites is booming. More
General News   2016-09-26

Yahoo hacked: what’s next on the cyber crooks’ target list?

Found in 1994, Yahoo is still one of the leading websites in the world. More
General News   2016-09-23

Hackers take control over moving Tesla Model S with ease – your car might be the next target

Tesla Motors is a well-known company that offers electric vehicles that are packed with advantageous features making driver’s life easier. More
News Security   2016-09-22

The case of Fabiansomware: how the hackers screwed up big time

Taking a look at recent news in the ransomware world, it seems that these cyber threats are becoming sort of tools for hackers and virus researchers to have it out. More
General News   2016-09-19

Reimage vs Plumbytes

Today we are going to review two anti-spyware programs that are both rapidly gaining popularity among computer users. More
Anti-spyware software News   2016-09-18

FBI urge ransomware victims to contact federal law enforcement

The cyber security issue is getting ever-more prevalent in the current day and age, where it no longer concerns the hardcore computer geeks only, but reaches the level of authorities as well. More
General News   2016-09-16

Windows 10 Anniversary Update is on its way to your computer

The introduction of Windows 10 has been discussed widely: while some users could not wait to upgrade their systems, others had not made a big fuss over the event. More
General News   2016-09-14

“To be continued”: a new form of Facebook virus starts spreading

It is no big news that this social network has been continuously attacked by hackers and every sort of scammers. More
News Viruses and parasites   2016-09-13

Outwitted by the virus researcher – Philadelphia ransomware is now decrypted

Quite recently, a new sensation appeared on the dark net – Philadelphia ransomware – a variation of Stampado file-encrypting virus. More
News Viruses and parasites   2016-09-12

New CallJam virus compromises Google Play app store

For some, it might be no surprise that Google Play app store has become the place for hackers to make their mischiefs. More
General News   2016-09-09

Malware on a rampage – Transmission gets hacked again

Transmission website which provides file-sharing services has been under hackers assault again. More
General News   2016-09-06

Fantom ransomware hides behind a feigned Windows Update to encrypt victim’s files

A new variant of ransomware has been detected, and this one seems to be using advanced techniques to delude the computer user. More
News Viruses and parasites   2016-09-05

Google Play store reviews and ratings might trick you into downloading malware!

Let’s say, you got bored of your old app gallery and wanted to spice up your Android experience with some new, exciting applications. More
General News   2016-09-02

Plumbytes vs Malwarebytes AntiMalware

Today, anti-malware software companies offer users a wide range of various anti-spyware and anti-malware products. More
Anti-spyware software News   2016-09-01
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