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Stay safe online - 2017-08-23

Chinese researchers discover zero-day vulnerabilities in Tesla’s Model X

IoT expands way beyond the web-controlled fridges Some call electric-powered and eco-friendly vehicles the future of the transportation industry and companies like Tesla Motors are working towards making this future arrive sooner. More
Security Spyware News   2017-07-31

ShieldFS might stop ransomware attacks on the computers

Security researchers found a new solution for ransomware prevention Italian researchers revealed good news for computer and Internet users all over the world. More
Security Spyware News   2017-07-28

“Must be funny in the ransomware world”: or how crypto-malware earned $25 million in two years

Ransomware attacks are all about money It has been long since cyber criminals malware ceased to be just a way to entertain hackers. More

Chinese authorities arrest "Fireball" malware operators

Chinese police arrest operators of Fireball malware campaign Chinese authorities have arrested at least 11 individuals who reportedly were working behind Fireball malware campaign. More
Spyware News   2017-07-26

Fappening continues: hackers leak Sarah Hyland nudes, but find no controversial material in Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat

The latest victims of the Fappening saga The rich, the famous, and the attractive -- these are the main targets of the Fappening leaks which have already exposed thousands of private images belonging to a few dozens of global celebrities. More
General Spyware News   2017-07-25

Be aware of a new Android virus that wants to steal your financial data

Android.BankBot.211.origin virus aims at credit card information, passwords, and other sensitive data Last week we shared the news about Xavier virus that has affected more than 800 Android apps in Google Play Store. More
Security Spyware News   2017-07-24

Persistent CryptoMix ransomware gets livelier than ever before

CryptoMix developers are determined to embed their names in the ransomware history Though CryptoMix ransomware did not receive such global notorious fame as Locky or Cerber and the malware itself might not be as aggressive as the latter crypto threats, however, its story is no less intriguing. More

Xavier virus found in over 800 Android apps available on Google Play Store

Malicious Ad Library found in at least 800 Android applications Experts say that 90% of Android apps are free; however, that doesn’t mean that their developers work for nothing. More
Spyware News   2017-07-20

Visited porn sites? You are infected! (Top most dangerous sites)

Secret visits to porn sites might end up with unpleasant consequences According to the statistics, 40 million of Americans are visiting porn sites regularly, and every second 28,258 users are watching adult oriented content on various Internet websites. More
Security Spyware News   2017-07-20

10 ominous subject phrases foreshadowing ransomware attack

Looking for new hacking techniques Observing the trends of hacking techniques, spam email campaign remains to be the most dominant of them. More
Security Spyware News   2017-07-19

Malware causes deaths! (1)

A computer virus might be more menacing than you think You might be wondering whether malware can really cause death. More
Security Spyware News   2017-07-19

FBI warns: Internet-connected toys might violate kid's privacy

Internet-connected toys can be hacked; thus, children’s privacy might be at risk Nowadays children can be spoiled by toys that can not only move or talk, but provide a personalized experience. More
Security Spyware News   2017-07-18

Got “Your subscription is ending soon” message? No worries, it’s another WhatsApp scam

Then Facebook, now WhatsApp While recently fraudsters took the liking of the Facebook community as they bombarded with several amusing scams, now the time has come for WhatsApp. More

“Particle” Chrome extension turns into adware after being sold to a new developer

Particle for Youtube now functions like adware after being sold to a new developer Users who have Particle For YouTube extension installed on their browsers should consider removing it as soon as possible. More
Spyware News   2017-07-14

The return of Facebook video virus: how many times can you fall for the same trick?

Same old strategy Warnings to beware of Facebook video virus seem too familiar? More
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