Scammers use fake telephone support for extorting money

Day by day, scammers use smarter methods for swindling the money from PC users. After relying on alerts that report about invented threats and then offer to purchase useless program, now they are starting a new era of tricking their victims. It is based on a misleading telephone support, which promises to fix the PC remotely. Of course, it is done NOT for free and it is useless.

You must have encountered or heard about those fake pop up ads that interrupt user’s browsing session and offer installing a free scanner in order to check the system for potential security risks. After getting on board, malware starts reporting about nonexistent viruses and offers to purchase its licensed version in order to remove each of these infections. As soon as you pay the money, it stops showing these false scan results and makes you believe that it has magically fixed your computer.

However, it seems that today you should also be aware about the fake telephone support. During this trickery, scammers call for their victims and claiming that they have spotted suspicious network activity. In addition they ask whether user wants to do a free check for viruses, ‘using the diagnostic software built into Windows’. These guys also like to highlight such arguments that the service is free, you may infect other people and similar. However, after testing the PC and detecting threat, they require paying the certain fee, which varies from $100 to $300.

Please, don’t fall for this scam, which is based on the scare tactics!

One Response to “Scammers use fake telephone support for extorting money”

  1. Rick Says:
    July 18th, 2013 at 12:00 pm

    I googled “yahoo help” or something similar and ended up calling a fake telephone support number and experienced something very similar to what you describe.

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