Scammers use Emma Watson’s name for tricking people on Facebook

2spyware security experts have already reported about various Internet scams offering to see movie or music stars without their clothes. Some of these misleading videos are spread via spam, some of them are distributed using misleading pop-up notifications. However, it seems that Facebook has become the most favorite place for scammers used to trick people. If talking about Facebook scams, or Facebook virus, the latest spammy post must be the one that offers to see Emma Watson naked. Please, do NOT believe everything what is posted on this social network because you may easily end up with a serious threat on your computer.

Traditionally, Facebook virus, which uses the name of Harry Potter’s star Emma Watson, is spread via a misleading message that promises to show a video with a naked movie star. It claims:

“Naked snap of Emma Watson were leaked after the actress cell phone was hacked. See all the snaps on our App”.

Of course, this message also includes a link, which not only redirects a victim to page asking to hit the like button to continue (that automatically posts the same scam message on victim’s Facebook wall), but also installs an app called VideoLeak. After testing it, it has been revealed that this application is used for posting random messages via victim’s Facebook and redirecting him/her to a survey site. Basically, this is the main way how scammers earn the money.

Naturally, there are many Facebook users who have been tricked into installing this application on their computers. If you have also been convinced into clicking the misleading link and installing VideoLeak on your computer, you should run a full system scan with updated anti-spyware immediately.


One Response to “Scammers use Emma Watson’s name for tricking people on Facebook”

  1. Andrew Schwartz Says:
    October 17th, 2013 at 10:08 am

    This is just one of the big Scammers posing as a Facebook User….To all GROUP Admins who do control who they accept and who they reject from “CLOSED GROUPSW.,” take this seriously….any USER applying for membership in a any CLOSED GROUP who is accepted is going to walk away with a lot of sensitive information that is none of their buisness. Make this YOUR business!!

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