2013 year summary and what to expect in 2014

2013 was exciting year for 2spyware, which was clearly dedicated for helping you all protect your computers against malware, viruses and other cyber infections. It seems that this time was spent meaningfully because we have received thousands of different comments saying how thankful you all are. In order to show you how busy we were last year, we decided to make this small 2013 year summary.

It seems that the most powerful group of malware in 2013 was ‘ransomware’. Day by day, our security experts were consulting people about removal of such parasites as FBI virus, PCeU virus, Department of Justice virus and other ransomware. In the middle of last year these viruses were updated, so our research team had to find new instructions that could help victims unblock their computers and recover the connection to their important data.

Other groups of viruses that also got a big part of our attention last year were ‘adware’ viruses and ‘browser hijackers’. It seems that the most popular ones were Nation Zoom, Scorpion Saver, Funmoods, Conduit and Incredibar. No matter that such programs don’t harm computers in any way, they can easily initiate annoying activities. If you noticed that your browsers redirect you to specific websites, you are interrupted by continuous pop-up advertisements, your PC may also be affected by such one of these programs.

Surprisingly enough, the group of viruses which is known as FakeVimes was very quite during 2013. It released only several new parasites that didn’t affect many PC users. However, beware that there is a huge possibility that FakeVimes will start increasing their powers this year and will try to reach the same heights like it did in 2012 and previous periods.

Remember, new year has just begun and new viruses have started spreading around.. In order to avoid them, make sure you install reliable anti-virus and anti-spyware.  We recommend relying on  SpyHunterSpyware DoctorMalwarebytes AntimalwareHitman Pro.

Stay safe during 2014!

2spyware team

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