Did Amazon fail to escape another hackers‘ assault?

After users have started gossiping about possible data leak in Amazon recently, the company rushes to deny Amazon being hacked. More
News Security   October 13, 2016  

Visited porn sites? You are infected! (Top most dangerous sites)

If you are looking for visual stimulation, visiting an adult-oriented site may seem to you like a great idea to entertain yourself. More
News Security   November 11, 2015  

Malware causes deaths! (1)

More than one year ago, a Romanian man, Marcel Datcu, killed his son and himself after discovering a FAKE warning on his computer’s desktop. More
News Security   November 12, 2015  

Did Yahoo actually help US government to spy on users’ emails?

It seems that Yahoo is no longer a trustworthy company, especially if your personal space matters to you. More
News Security   October 05, 2016  

Europol announces top 8 cybercrime trends of 2016

On Septermber 28, Europol published The 2016 Internet Organized Crime Threat Assessment , in which it details biggest cybercrime threats from 2016 and provides recommendations on how to address them. More
News Security   September 28, 2016  

Hackers take control over moving Tesla Model S with ease – your car might be the next target

Tesla Motors is a well-known company that offers electric vehicles that are packed with advantageous features making driver’s life easier. More
News Security   September 22, 2016  

The long anticipated Flash Player update is here!

Flash software is used by millions of PC users each day, so there is no surprise why hackers are working hard to find its security flaws and use them to infect systems with viruses. More
News Security   June 13, 2016  

Why fileless infections are the future viruses

Computer security experts have started discussing a new type of malware, which is known as “Fileless infections.” The main peculiarity of viruses that fall into this category is that they act without traces. More
News Security   June 13, 2016  

Using Google Chrome may not protect you from adware

Recently, security experts discovered that one of Google Chrome's affiliated applications is causing redirects to advertising websites. More
News Security   June 13, 2016  

Preventing Locky virus: 5 tips for taking control

It is hard to find an Internet user who hasn‘t heard about Locky virus and its inflicted broad-scale damage on the entire online world. More
News Security   May 20, 2016  
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