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Stay safe by ignoring fake emails that notify about nonexistent Facebook comments!

April 07, 2014
Thanks to several of our users, we can warn you about fake email messages that are circulating around at the moment. They look like real warnings from Facebook, so they have already tricked hudreds of people from different world's countries. If you happen to receive a notification that reports about Facebook comments from some 'men' and, of course, includes a link, you should delete it. By clicking on that link you easilyagree to download the malicious .scr file, which is commonly involved in malware campaigns. The fake Facebook message, which has been reported to us, claims: Hello, Some men commented on your status. Mikle wrote: “so cute ;)” Go to comments (link) Reply to this email to comment on this status. If you click on 'Go to comments', you will be redirected to a Dropbox page, which offers downloading the PDF file 'Private_XXXXXXXX'. However, it just appears to be the PDF file. In reality, it's a malicious .scr file, which is masked by scammers by hiding its extension. If you don't want to infect your computer with Trojan horse or other virus, you should stay away from such More...

Beware! False tax refund forms are trying to steal personal information!

March 27, 2014
Sooner or later, tax season comes to all countries. It has already reached Britain and other world's countries. If you are also waiting for a tax refund form or other tax-related notification, you should be very careful because, just like always, spammers are waiting to take advantage of ANY situation. According to security experts, they have already started spreading their More...

Fake emails ask to support travelers that are “stuck” in Ukraine

March 20, 2014
Because of its political and social life, Ukraine is in the spotlight right now. It's not a secret that scammers don't need much time until they use such and similar situations for their own needs, so today we need to warn you about their latest scam campaign, which is related to this troubled country. Basically, you should avoid all mails that are telling about vacationers who cannot leave Ukraine and are asking for a loan of several thousands of dollars. If you happen to receive such mail, you should remove it. This specific spam campaign is based on misleading story about travelers who are stuck in Ukraine because of its political situation. In fact they could “leave” the country with their flight if they would have several thousands of dollars that are needed for paying hotel and other bills. Scammers also mention in their letter that travelers have also lost their IDs, mobile phones and money somewhere in Kiev. They claim that they've already visited Embassy and Police but nothing has helped... If you received an email that asked to make a money transfer via Western Union in order to help unlucky travelers that are stuck in Ukraine, you should delete it. Please, never make such transaction and never give transaction numbers to strangers because they More...

Romanian kills himself after receiving a fake warning from ransomware virus

March 14, 2014
We were shocked after reading in one Romanian newspaper that a man committed suicide and also killed his son after falling for a ransomware virus. Typically, such viruses report people that they were caught while watching child pornography, using copyrighted content or spreading malware. After informing them about these crimes, they ask to pay a huge fine in order to avoid getting into the jail. It's believed that a misleading requirement to pay 70.000 lei or $22,000 and possibility of getting into the jail were the main factors that pushed the victim into committing a suicide. According to Romanian police, the 36 year-old man left a suicide note where he explained the whole situation: “I received a warning that said I have to pay 70.000 lei or go to prison for 11 years. I don’t think it’s normal what I’ve done…I apologize to all of you…I don’t want Nicusor to suffer because of me…I can’t stand going to prison. I can’t.” After collaborating with several antivirus companies, police has managed to find a Romania-based server, which has been helping for cyber More...

Stay away from Facebook scam that promises to show your friends naked!

March 07, 2014
We have already warned our users about misleading ads that ask people to update Adobe Flash Player or other programs, and trick them into installing malicious files on the system. This strategy has been widely used for spreading programs that belong to adware category. However, it seems that scammers have started applying the same strategy for the distribution of more More...

“Account suspended” scam tries to trick people into revealing their Apple ID

February 28, 2014
This article is dedicated for all Apple ID users. Read it if you want to protect yourself from the latest scam, which started spreading around just a few days ago. Make sure that you remember all the details and recommendations that are mentioned in this article. Yesterday 2spyware team received an email, which was supposedly sent by Apple. It claims that the company detected unauthorized login attempt to recipient's Apple ID from More...

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