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Experts: beware of the browser-based ransomware!

December 23, 2013
Month by month, scammers update their ransomware viruses and use more and more advanced ways for attacking people's computers. After locking them down, these viruses try to convince their victims that they violated tens of different laws and now have to pay a fine. Of course, paying the money means the only thing – the loss of the money. Typically, the distribution of ransomware viruses relies on trojan horse, which is used to infect computer and download malicious files that belong to specific ransomware version. However, it seems that soon scammers won't need these viruses in order to start showing their misleading ads on people's computers. That's because, according to experts, they have started promoting the browser-based ransomware, which can affect not only those computers that run Windows OS, but the ones that have Apple's Mac OS X running on them. In most of the cases, this browser-based ransomware relies on such domain names as http://fbi(dot)gov(dot)id[random numbers](dot)com and similar. Of course, you only need to remember that the official FBI's website is www(dot)fbi(gov) and you will know that you are dealing with More...

Security experts report about Zeus virus spreading on Facebook!

June 07, 2013
Facebook is one of the most popular social networks, so there is no doubt that it looks more than attractive for cyber criminals. We have already announced about several variants of Facebook virus that have been used by scammers for various illegal activities. However, it seems that there is a new threat, which has been illegally embedded into this social More...

Europol stops a gang responsible for spreading ransomware viruses

February 15, 2013
After giving you our daily reports about ransomware viruses, it seems that we will all have some spare time. As reports, European police agency, also known as Europol, has finally stopped a huge network of online criminals who have been spreading the biggest threat of the last year – Ukash virus. In fact, there are more than 48 versions More...

FBI has finally stopped Gozi banking virus

January 29, 2013
Security experts have been talking for a long time about fast-growing numbers of financial threats. They have been reporting about various viruses that have ability to attack not only separate PC users but business institutions and even governmental organizations, such as NASA, National banks and similar. However, one of such extremely dangerous threats, called Gozi virus, is finally stopped. Representatives of FBI believe that this virus has infected 40,000 computers More...

2012 Year Summary: a Sharp Rise in Ransomware Viruses

December 20, 2012
As time goes by, and Christmas is just around the corner, 2spyware decided to sum up this year and overview the major parasites of this period. In fact, in 2012 we have almost been made to forget about rogue anti-spywares because bad guys have evidently improved their devious heist technique and started to pay more attention to ransomware viruses. They More...

Gamarue malware attacks TripAdvisor’s users

November 28, 2012
Everyone knows about a travel/hotel review website, which is called TripAdvisor. Though it has been really helpful for those who look for a good deal on a hotel room or flight, it seems that spammers have 'improved' this website with some bug. After stealing personal email addresses of TripAdvisor's customers, they have been using them to spread their spam, which More...

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