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Delete Deceptive site ahead

What does "Deceptive Site Ahead” warning mean? When browsing the Web, you might encounter "Deceptive Site Ahead” warning that informs about potentially dangerous content and prevents you from entering a particular website. Google Safe Browsing services have created this message in order to protect people from unsafe online content. More
System tools   February 24, 2017

Delete Ads by NewTab

Why do NewTab ads disturb my browsing sessions? Seeing Ads by NewTab popping up and following you everywhere you go online, is a clear sign of an adware infection. This kind of potentially unwanted programs is mostly used for affiliate marketing. More
Adware   February 23, 2017

Eliminate "Critical Security Warning!" virus

Don’t get fooled by “Critical Security Warning!” pop-ups “Critical Security Warning!” virus is about to change the misconception about Mac operating system being less vulnerable to malware infections. Indeed, in this day and age, targeting only Windows PCs is not what the malware creators are going to limit themselves to. We can see an increasing number of... More
Malware   February 22, 2017

Uninstall G-search.pro virus

All the things wrong with G-search.pro search engine G-search.pro virus belongs to browser hijacker category, which means it automatically falls into potentially unwanted programs’ list. It was designed purely for monetization purpose, and it means that it is entirely useless for computer users. It turns out that G-search.pro redirect virus changes browser’s sett... More
Browser Hijackers   February 21, 2017

"Your profile has been selected by Facebook" virus removal guide

What lies behind “Your profile has been selected by Facebook” ads? After Your profile has been selected by Facebook virus settles on the computer, it starts bombarding you with the offers to reclaim your prize. Such manoeuvre serves only as a disguise to infects users’ devices even more. More
Adware   February 20, 2017

Removal of Searchbuw.ru virus

What's so special about Searchbuw.ru search? Why does my browser redirect me to it so frequently? Our team has determined that Searchbuw.ru virus belongs to browser hijacker category, despite that it functions similarly to adware programs, too. More
Browser Hijackers   February 20, 2017

Gemius virus removal guide

What can you expect fromGemius virus? Gemius virus is an adware program which travels bundled with freeware. Therefore, people can accidentally install this potentially unwanted program and cause themselves annoying problems. More
Adware   February 16, 2017

Security experts publish a list exposing over 2000 phishing domains

Have you ever thought about how much safer the web browsing would be, if there was a database that would include all the malicious domains and anyone would be able to consult it when needed? More
General   February 14, 2017

File DECRYPT_INSTRUCTIONS.html definition

What does DECRYPT_INSTRUCTIONS.html file suggest? Encountering DECRYPT_INSTRUCTIONS.html file is certainly not good news. It signals that your computer and personal files have been victimized by CryptoWall, alternatively known as CryptoLocker, file-encrypting threat. More
  February 10, 2017

Is mshta.exe a safe file?

How Mshta.exe works? Mshta.exe file is an executable file which can be found on Windows operating systems, specifically, in the C:WindowsSystem32 directory. More
  February 02, 2017

Netflix Login Generator infects computers with Netflix ransomware - stay away from it!

Do you love to watch movies but hate to empty your bank account? More
General   January 25, 2017
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