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Remove Ghostify ads

Where do Ghostify ads come from? Online users tend to use label “Ghostify virus” when speaking about this ad-supported software by Epikai Ltd. More
Adware   January 20, 2017

Uninstall Daily Bible Guide Toolbar

What should you know about Daily Bible Guide Toolbar? Daily Bible Guide Toolbar is a browser add-on that provides religious news, weather forecast and suggests using a quick search bar. More
System tools   January 18, 2017

MacWizz ads fix

Should I worry about MacWizz ads? MacWizz virus is a computer infection that mainly targets Mac users. More
Adware   January 13, 2017

Removing Cerber virus

Cerber enters 2017 with a new design  Cerber virus is a noxious ransomware-type threat using AES encryption system to lock victim's files with .cerber, .cerber2, .cerber3 file extensions or extensions of the ransom characters. Like any other “ransomware" type virus, a user can download it via malicious spam emails that carry an executable virus file. More
Ransomware   January 13, 2017

Remove FlirtyWallpaper Toolbar

Can I trust FlirtyWallpaper Toolbar? FlirtyWallpaper Toolbar is a freeware program that raises suspicion to many computer users. More
System tools   January 12, 2017

Kill Zhinku.info virus

Zhinku.info redirects - how can you stop them? If you want to halt the activity of Zhinku.info virus, you need to remove it. More
Browser Hijackers   January 11, 2017

Eliminate Search.searchipdf.com virus

Facts about Search.searchipdf.com redirects Search.searchipdf.com virus might trick you into installing it because it pretends to be a safe and useful program. More
Browser Hijackers   January 11, 2017

New Cerber distribution strategy makes the victims clutch their wallets

The Black Friday quickly swept by, but the online shoppers are still actively stacking up goods for the upcoming holidays. More
General   December 14, 2016

File wintool.exe information

Should I remove Wintool.exe? Wintool.exe is an executable file that starts a certain process or launches a program on the computer. Though the regular users may consider it a legitimate and important Windows program, in fact, wintool.exe is not a part of the Windows OS setup. More
  December 09, 2016

Ransomware developers are not done attacking hospitals just yet

This year, the evil-minded creators of the file-locking ransomware viruses seem to be especially fixated upon targeting the most sensitive parts of social services and infrastructure. More
General   December 07, 2016

Scan PC with Malwarebytes Anti Malware

Malwarebytes anti-malware is a simple but good-quality security solution that can be used for the protection of individual or corporate computers. More
Anti-spyware   December 05, 2016
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