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About Olivia Morelli 

Olivia Morelli is News Editor at 2-Spyware.com. She covers topics such as computer protection, latest malware trends, software vulnerabilities, data breaches, and more. Olivia is particularly interested in ransomware viruses and enjoys writing in-depth articles about them.

She is worried about the relentless growth of cybercrime, and she believes that awareness is the key factor in the fight against cybercrime. Therefore, she seeks to help people by sharing her knowledge about the latest scams, viruses, potentially unwanted programs, and their distribution methods.

Olivia’s content is always based on rigorous research, however, she is known for her ability to provide technical information in an understandable language. Nothing can distract her when she immerses herself in work.

Outside of work, she is busy studying as she pursues a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. When she’s not working or coding, she tries to find time for herself as she believes that solitude is the soul’s holiday. Loves coffee and long haul flights.

Posts published by Olivia Morelli

Removing Findthatsearch.com virus

Findthatsearch.com - a dubious search tool that might alter search results Findthatsearch.com is a problematic search engine that spreads as a potentially unwanted program in software bundles. More
Stealing programs Viruses   June 23, 2017  

Eliminate Ecosia.org virus

Ecosia.org - a browser hijacker with a generous cause Ecosia.org is a browser extension that is categorized as a browser hijacker by security experts. More
Stealing programs Viruses   June 22, 2017  

WannaCry continues to wreak havoc worldwide - Honda, RedFlex among the victims

More than a month after the first WannaCry outbreak, the virus continues to infect machines worldwide Almost everyone heard about the initial WannaCry cyber attack that started on May 12. More
Spyware News   June 22, 2017  

Liketour.org redirect fix

The main principles of Liketour.org operation Liketour.org virus is a term which crosses the minds of computer users who get continuously redirected to this shady website. More
Stealing programs Viruses   June 22, 2017  

Landerforoffers.com ads removal instructions

Features of Landerforoffers.com adware Landerforoffers.com virus is an adware which may infect even the best-protected computers. More
Adware Viruses   June 21, 2017  

Uninstall Videodrome Search virus

Videodrome Search hijacker poses a threat to victim's computer by causing repetitious redirects to various sites Videodrome Search is a deceptive Chrome extension that sneaks into the computer system without user’s knowledge. More
Stealing programs Viruses   June 20, 2017  

Getting rid of Yn2.hime.gdn virus

Yn2.hime.gdn gives out its shady origin Yn2.hime.gdn virus function as adware script which directs you to another domain – mmizz.exclusiverewards.hejc.gdn. More
Adware Viruses   June 20, 2017  

Uninstalling R4bb0l0ck ransomware virus

R4bb0l0ck creators base the malware on HiddenTear code R4bb0l0ck virus is another HiddenTear-based ransomware which developers have used the script of this educational software to create their own version of a fraudulent, ransom-extorting parasite. More
Ransomware Viruses   June 19, 2017  

Paypal phishing site asks for a selfie as it steals your information

Scammers ask victims to take photo of themselves holding ID and credit card to "verify the identity" PayPal users were always the primary targets for cybercriminals. More
Spyware News   June 16, 2017  

Removal of CryptoSpider ransomware virus

CryptoSpider weaves your files into its web CryptoSpider virus happens to be a newly emerged threat which is created on the basis of the open-source threat HiddenTear. More
Ransomware Viruses   June 16, 2017  

Removing Election.interferencer.ru virus

Election.interferencer.ru search site is another creation of Vitaly Popov Election.interferencer.ru is a malicious website created by infamous Russian spammer Vitaly Popov. More
Stealing programs Viruses   June 16, 2017  

Uninstalling unlckr@protonmail.com ransomware virus

Computer users from Russia should be aware of unlckr@protonmail.com ransomware virus unlckr@protonmail.com ransomware is an alternative name for recently emerged Unlckr virus. More
Ransomware Viruses   June 15, 2017  
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