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Stay safe online - 2017-07-27

LeakerLocker ransomware found in two Google Play Store apps

Google Play Store takes down two malicious apps that contained LeakerLocker ransomware According to Android, all applications undergo a rigorous security testing before they make it to the Google Play Store. More

Petya developers release master decryption key while NotPetya victims are still counting their losses

Criminals give away decryption key for all three Petya virus versions Christmas came early for the Petya ransomware victims as the official developers of the virus, who call themselves Janus Cybercrime Solutions, have released master decryption key capable of decrypting all Petya virus variants . More

Ukrainian Police finally terminates M.E.Doc servers responsible for NotPetya/Petya rampage

Servers have been taken down, but it is too early to celebrate victory Right after Petna/ExPetr/GoldenEye went on a rampage a couple of weeks ago, investigation presented intriguing details. More
Security Spyware News   2017-07-05

New Neutrino variant targets POS terminals worldwide, steals credit card information

Neutrino modification steals credit card information from point-of-sale terminals On the most infamous Trojans in the world, known as Zeus, has a new variant that targets point-of-sale terminals. More
Spyware News   2017-07-04

Ukraine blames Russian special services for covering up targeted cyberattack with Petya ransomware outbreak

Ukraine has been affected the most during Petya outbreak Petya ransomware has been keeping the cyber community on their toes lately as its new campaign has hit the web with a new force. More
Security Spyware News   2017-07-03

It’s payback time! Tech Support Scammers detained on fraud charges

Criminal profile Cyber community rejoices as four online scammers won’t be roaming the streets and the Internet’s back alleys free anymore. More

Petya/NotPetya ransomware deletes data? No, it’s something different

Petna/NotPetya grants more riddles for IT experts Like after the assault of WannaCry, the world has to find ways how to recover from Petya/ExPetr/NotPetya attack as well. More

How to protect your computer from NotPetya ransomware?

NotPetya ransomware hit the globe; the vaccine has been found On Tuesday, massive NotPetya ransomware attack hit Ukraine, as well as other countries in Europe, Russia, and the United States. More
Security Spyware News   2017-06-28

Another global ransomware attack: Petya or NotPetya?

New ransomware hits businesses, governmental institutions, and infrastructure Just a few weeks after the massive WannaCry attack, a new ransomware hit companies and industries in Europe and the United States. More

Banking Trojan called Mercher piggybacks fake Flash Player Update, attacks Androids

Mercher uses deceptive techniques to get inside the device Typically to most Banking Trojans, Mercher developers invest a lot of time in making the virus infiltration as stealthy and unnoticeable as possible. More

The British Parliament was hit by "sustained and determined” cyber attack

Hackers tried to access MPs’ email accounts On Friday, the British Parliament was hit by a cyber attack. More
Spyware News   2017-06-26

Warning from Virgin Media: don't panic, but change your router password

In case you are wondering what Virgin Media is and why it issued such advice, let us briefly explain that it is a popular company offering broadband, TV and smartphone services. More
Security Spyware News   2017-06-23

WannaCry continues to wreak havoc worldwide - Honda, RedFlex among the victims

More than a month after the first WannaCry outbreak, the virus continues to infect machines worldwide Almost everyone heard about the initial WannaCry cyber attack that started on May 12. More
Spyware News   2017-06-22

Cyber attack suspected behind sudden Skype outage

Skype services stopped working on June 19th If you’ve been on the Internet these last couple of days, you most likely noticed all the buzz about the major Skype outages that reportedly started on June 19th and are continuing today . More
Spyware News   2017-06-21

South Korean web hosting company paid $1 million after ransomware attack

Negotiation with cyber criminals helped to decrease the size of the ransom South Korean web hosting company Nayana agreed to pay the ransom after Erebus ransomware attack on 10th of June. More
General Spyware News   2017-06-20
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