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Stay safe online - 2017-09-20

The beloved Sarahah app steals users’ contacts

Sarahah silently uploads user’s contact list to company’s servers without asking permission. More
Security Spyware News   2017-08-29

Accuweather lost its trust: the weather app shares users’ location data with third-party companies

AccuWeather shares iPhone users’ data with third-party advertising company. More
Security Spyware News   2017-08-28

The new wave of Facebook virus: malicious video links actively spread on Messenger

Facebook video virus returns with new tricky campaigns. Reports about increased activity of Facebook video virus has been showing up during the past few weeks. More
Security Spyware News   2017-08-25

Another Ukrainian company gets hacked: hint of Petya.A Part 2?

Companies fail to ensure cyber security. It seems that there is hardly any “calm” or at least “ordinary” day when it comes to cyber space. More

Google Play Store removes 500 spying apps that were downloaded over 100 million times

Google Play Store contained 500 user-spying apps: here's what you need to know about them. More
Spyware News   2017-08-23

Cyber crooks diversify their victims' list

Online scammers drop the gloves to IT experts. This time the article will not be about latest ransomware threats, but another profitable money extortion technique – online and email scams. More

Is WannaCry Back? Suspicious ransomware attack hit LG Electronics

LG Electronics were hit by ransomware that uses the identical code as WannaCry. More

2017 Q2 IT trends: ransomware reigns 

Gloomy moods in the cyber space. When it comes to cyber security, it is difficult to find a spot which would not be affected by computer viruses in one or another way. More

Want to book a taxi? Faketoken Trojan might steal your credit card details and record your calls

Cyber criminals now target users of taxi applications. Taxi applications are used by millions of people daily. More
Spyware News   2017-08-17

Criminals behind Locky and Mamba ransomware are back in business

The most dangerous cyber criminals do not take a break - new ransomware attacks spotted in August 2017. More
Spyware News   2017-08-16

Mughthesec malware forces Mac OS users to reinstall their OS

The age for Mac OS malware is coming. As surprising as it may seem, this time we are not talking about scam malware or ransomware oriented at Windows OS users. More

Ukrainian police arrest suspected Petya.A distributor

In the pursuit of Petya developers. While the global virtual community still calculates the losses inflicted by the NotPetya/Petya.A attack, the very malware seems to contain more secrets to unravel. More
Security Spyware News   2017-08-11

Locky returns: the new variant called Diablo6 spreads via malspam

Locky comes back with a new version on August. On August 9th security researcher discovered the new variant of the infamous Locky ransomware actively spreading via malicious spam emails - Diablo6 ransomware virus. More

August Patch Tuesday: Microsoft fixed 48 security vulnerabilities

This month’s security bulletin covers security updates for Windows and other Microsoft products. More
Security Spyware News   2017-08-09

Hackers keep phishing Chrome Extension Developers

When good Chrome extensions go bad. If your Chrome browser is loaded with diverse extensions or you happen to be an extension developer yourself, then the news about increasing phishing attacks on Chrome add-ons should certainly become a concern to you. More
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