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661-748-0240 is a Skype number you should definitely stay away from. That's because it is used by cyber criminals to fool unaware people and swindle their money. Similar trickery has already been described in our 'news' section, which is based on a misleading call reporting about dangerous viruses detected and then offering paid removal services. In this case, trickery relies on 661-748-0240 number, which is usually identified as Skype number and reported as a Skype scam on the Internet. As soon as victim answers the call, caller starts telling about various invented problems. Sometimes victim is informed that his/hers computer is under attack, sometimes he/she is immediately asked to provide information about the finance or give banking details in order to stop criminals that try to sreal the money. However, it seems that giving this data for the called of this number can cause this problem. Please, do NOT answer 661-748-0240!

WHAT IS 661-748-0240?

According to the latest reports, 661-748-0240 seems to be a typical phishing call, which is performed via Skype. This call may include different themes and ask different things, but the main thing it seeks is to break into victim's bank account. Beware that sometimes caller may present himself as Microsoft's representative, start blackmailing you and do other things in order to convince the user that it is a serious thing. This blackmailing process may be a cause of trojan horse, which has been installed on the system previously. We highly recommend staying away from 661-748-0240. 

WHAT TO DO WHEN 661-748-0240 CALLS?

Please, never answer this phishing call. If you happen to answer it, do NOT reveal any kind of your personal information. Finally, check your PC for trojan horse, which may be used for collecting your personal information. For that, we recommend using  SpyHunter.

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Alternate Software

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Geolocation of 661-748-0240

This map reveals the prevalence of 661-748-0240. Countries and regions that have been affected the most are: United States.

QR code for 661-748-0240 removal instructions

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Users comments about 661-748-0240:

Today, July 07, 2013at 2:27 p.m. by EST I received phone call to my cell and over a couple minutes to my home number. Caller ID said BENIKENSON . Caller spoken in fluent Russian referring to my recent add at Craiglist NYC. After the caller conformed my name and a subject of my add on Craiglist he started to use extremely profanity language in Russian for unknown reason. I have hand up my cell and over couple minutes he called to my home number which I did not pick up. Would appreciate for any suggestion about how to find the caller and prosecute.
Also: 661-748-0240
Sorry. I meant to type in: 661-748-0241
I called myself from Skype and it showed up as the number in question...
My grandparents received a call today from the number in question, 661-748-0240 displayed as "live:cectorpost." At some point the person claimed to be a Mr. Winters from the US Embassy in the Dominican Republic and that one of my grandparents granddaughter was in serious trouble and needed to be wired approximately $1690.00 via Western Union in order to post bond for the granddaughter to be released and allowed to return to the United States. Said granddaughter was at work and definitely not on countrys soil. The local police are involved, FTC and FCC complaints have been filed, and while attempting to get the landline phone provider to block the number, 661-748-0240 live:cectorpost, called back and continued calling back at least 4 more times. When I answered one of the return calls, the male on the phone referred to me as a liar when I stated they could not speak to my grandparents, not to call back, and what they were doing was unlawful.

The grandparents and would be victims are senior citizens, meaning over the age of 65, which in some states makes offenses, even minor offenses, automatic felonies.

Skype should be sued out of business if they are allowing such caller id spoofing or helping to facilitate such crimes in any way even through ignorance.
Actually this is just one of the numbers that Slype uses to connect people, so it can be used by scammers or legit people. It doesnt belong to a specific person.
Hello, Just recieved a call from same number stating I was caught on video stealing something. Funny, except they could not explain hoew they new who i was by the video or haw they got my number....obvious scam
Most of you people are painfully stupid. This is a Skype landline gateway. Anyone making a Skype call to an actual phone in the US will appear to come from this number.
I think I know who doing It, 365 section B non pariel ECD Georgetown Guyana
When someone calls me via Skype and I am not at the computer to answer, I have Skype set so they are forwarded to my home telephone. The number that appears on my home phone for the incoming call is sometimes 1-661-748-0240. As Aaron says, it is simply a Skype gateway.
This number is used by Skype to call regular numbers with Skype. It might be anyone calling you, its more likely to be someone you know than a scammer. Just answer it as you would any other call and if youre suspicious, just hang up.
On my business phone, I received a call from this number 2 days in a row. The first time the "Dell Representative" was going to email me some complimentary information and wanted to confirm my email address. He had an incorrect email and I just said it was correct because I did not want any additional spam sent to me. I searched the number and I read all of the posts here....he called again and said that he was a "Dell Representative" and wanted to confirm my email address...and he gave the correct one this time. I did not confirm, but then interuppted him and asked what his corporate phone number was? He didnt answer me and then started asking me questions again. I interupted him again and asked what his Dell corporate number was so that I could call back if I had any questions. He said they were a 3rd party vendor...I asked what vendor? He just started asking questions...I interrupted him again and said, "AGAIN, What is the name of your company" He said that he was based in India. I asked what city and he hung up on me. Skype allows you to make call over the internet, unfortunately, the Caller ID number 661.748.0240 can be the same for a legitmate Skype user or criminal scammers...
I dont think I will receive another call from these scammers again. Think Im about to be blacklisted. It was a Microsoft tech letting me know my computer has a terrible virus. I told him I dont own a computer but my husband has a laptop..well guess what? The virus jumped from my imaginary computer and into my husbands. I acted shocked. But this helpful MS rep was about to help me. (Indian accent) I acted elated. First I had to go get my computer..Can you hold I asked. He said yes. I pretended to go get my hubbys laptop. Ok. got the laptop, what do I do? He said go to the start button. I said its shut off and closed. How do you turn it on? He said open it. I asked, how do you open it, from the front or the back. I said its square...after 15 minutes he helped me figure out how to open it. Now turn it on he said. I asked, which button? It has a lot of buttons some are letters and numbers, I started naming all the keys of the alphabet and the number pad - one by one slowly....half an hour goes by. I can hear his frustration. Im still nameing the keys one by one, he tries to talk over me, but I keep going, then I say, oh you messed me up, let me go back and start again...50 minutes pass and he hangs up. My job is done. I had tons of fun!
I got a good laugh with what you did...thanx
Im confused, because I received a call from this number today, but its a call I actually had set up as a tech support "call back" from a company known as Pogoplug, parent company, Cloud Engines - a very legit company. They manufacture NAS type devices, allowing access to your drive via the internet, and also offer cloud services. They have two call center locations, one in Northern California, and one actually in Israel (Tel Aviv)

So, its weird to see that scammers are using this number, too? And no - I gave no kind of sensitive information. It was a completely legit tech support call, and all I did.
Skype User
Just so everyone knows, this number can be shown on caller IDs from *any* Skype caller, not just phishers. It is a BLANKET number. So, yes, while a lot of scammers use Skype to make calls, a lot of people use it as a legitimate phone service-- its a very affordable way to make both long distant domestic and international calls. Dont discount it as a scam immediately, instead, be diligent and suspicious of any unfamiliar, out of area number that you may receive calls from. And never give sensitive, personal information to any caller.
Its just a number that shows up when someone is calling you from Skype
Yes, this is just a number that shows up when someone is using SKYPE to call you. If you dont have friends or family that tells you they are using Skype to make phone calls and call you, dont answer the call. AND YES, it could be used by criminals. You cannot call this number back It is not a call in number. It is a number generated by Skype for thousands of skype users when they call out.
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