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661-748-0240 | Type: Dialers

661-748-0240 is a Skype number you should definitely stay away from. That's because it is used by cyber criminals to fool unaware people and swindle their money. Similar trickery has already been described in our 'news' section, which is based on a misleading call reporting about dangerous viruses detected and then offering paid removal services. In this case, trickery relies on 661-748-0240 number, which is usually identified as Skype number and reported as a Skype scam on the Internet. As soon as victim answers the call, caller starts telling about various invented problems. Sometimes victim is informed that his/hers computer is under attack, sometimes he/she is immediately asked to provide information about the finance or give banking details in order to stop criminals that try to sreal the money. However, it seems that giving this data for the called of this number can cause this problem. Please, do NOT answer 661-748-0240!

WHAT IS 661-748-0240?

According to the latest reports, 661-748-0240 seems to be a typical phishing call, which is performed via Skype. This call may include different themes and ask different things, but the main thing it seeks is to break into victim's bank account. Beware that sometimes caller may present himself as Microsoft's representative, start blackmailing you and do other things in order to convince the user that it is a serious thing. This blackmailing process may be a cause of trojan horse, which has been installed on the system previously. We highly recommend staying away from 661-748-0240. 

WHAT TO DO WHEN 661-748-0240 CALLS?

Please, never answer this phishing call. If you happen to answer it, do NOT reveal any kind of your personal information. Finally, check your PC for trojan horse, which may be used for collecting your personal information. For that, we recommend using  SpyHunter.

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Geolocation of 661-748-0240

Map reveals the prevalence of 661-748-0240. Countries and regions that have been affected the most are: United States.

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Comments on 661-748-0240

This is the skype username: lloydkennedydavies
Who is he? Cobra, fhotog, cobra.hf, cobranig.
Owner of - a 15 year old from the united kingdom
Love it! I will have to remember your tactic. I have an on-line business and just received a call from them also (on my business line - not through Skype). They are getting much better however. They were very specific with their questions, regarding hiring me and sounded legitimate. They have my phone number and e-mail address. Should I be concerned? This is information that can be obtained on the internet anyway.
Nichael Cramer
Unfortunately blocking this number is *very* bad advice.

This number is simply a generic Skype "call-out" number ( I.e. The way Skype works is that when you connect on the net they redirect you call to one the landlines that they us in various countries and area codes).

For example, if I call my own cellphone from Skype, this is the phone number that shows up as the caller-number on my cellphone.

Consequently, blocking this number *may* mean that you might be protected from this scammer (assuming they use the Skype connection) but it also means that you may be blocking any legitimate in-coming Skype calls.
P. Schwinn
Yes, another dimwit Indian that keeps calling us - one time @ 3:00 am !!!!!!! Message is: Calling from an Online caller - call us back @ some 310 # CA time. Yeah, right - another dimwit, nitwit, stupid, idiot, moron, nincompoop who thinks we are as stupid as he is and will call him back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stupid is as stupid does !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Received call from 661-748-0240 asking me participate Personal Creations one hour focus group, offered $50. He was to call back later in evening with details but I wasnt home and had no wifi luckily! In the past years have ordered from personal creations, .. Not sure how he knew that!! Beware
Scammed by them
I completely agree !! Skype is allowing predators to use this skype number !!! Beware !!! 661-748-0240 They are using their family to scam elderly vulnerable victims.
I am finding all of this a bit confusing as when this number rings me it says its "Paldale Area" BUT it is ALWAYS my husband calling me from his Skype account while he is in Saudi Arabia. I have never received a scam call from this number. SO>>>>> the scammers calling everyone must be using the skype access base in that area so that their official/real phone numbers are masked.
have gotten 1 call each day for 3 days. Do not know this number. will not answer when it appears. be on the safe side. do not have Skype
Just received 4 calls from this number to my office. He said it was in response to an ad that we had posted on LinkedIn....we do not post on that site so I know it its a scam. He said he is based in the Phillipines. Wanted our email...Now that I read all these comments I know how to respond :)
June 9, 2014 Got a call on my landline from this number--totally obscene. He referenced a dress I have on Craigs List and asked if my hymen was broken while wearing it. I hung up and he called again...and again...and again...and again...I think hes called 5 times in 20 minutes...hope he stops soon. What a creep!
661-748-0240 has been calling me about every 10-15 minutes for the last TWO HOURS!!! I havent answered it, but its VERY annoying!!! :o(
(ONE of the readouts on my phone said: "Lee Spieckerman" - the rest all said "Skype Caller")
Yes, this number called me today and this about the third time in three months. He said is name is Robert and mentioned that I responded to his craigslist ad about doing a voice over for a commercial. The commercial pertained to bootie socks with different colored toe holes. He mentioned that he was looking for people who enjoy laughing and explained the commercial to me in depth. I was waiting to hear how much it would cost me but he didnt ask for personal information. He would call me back next week.
The number is fine. As a few people said above, its simply a Skype gateway number that can be used by anyone, including scammers. Go on Skype and call your land line or cell and you will most likely see this number show up.
Dave Glu
This is also a valid skype number. I did not answer it as I was concerned and did not know the area code. A friend left a message that he was calling me via skype as he was out of country.

Be careful, but this number is not always a scam.
S. Cam Blocker
4/18/2014 @ 6:48pm
Peter Smith ( Indian accent)
Caller Id shows that call came from Neilsen, Paul : 661-748-0240
 Claimed to be from: Windows Technical Department
Told me that my computer was in trouble and would crash at 3am
Had me go to the RUN line on my pc and open command prompt and type in “cmd” and enter “assoc”
He then read my “Windows license id” to me from his records and it matched what was on my screen.
I know that this is actually a CLSID number and it is the same on all Windows 7 computers, but, intrigued, I went along a little further…
He had me right click “Computer” and open the manage window and click on Event Viewer>Windows Logs>Application.
He told me to look in the list for red exclamations and yellow warnings.
He stated that these were malicious malware and that my computer had been infected and would crash tonight at 3am if I didn’t let him “help” me.
I stated that all Windows operating systems have these warnings and that I thought he was scamming me. He then gave me a 1-800 number to call and verify that he was legit. The number was 1-800-694-1984. I called it from my cell phone while I was talking to him on my landline. The person that picked up also had an Indian accent and simply answered, “Hello.” I asked, “Is this Windows?” and the guy seemed like he was caught off guard, so I hung up.
After that, “Peter” asked me to open up my browser and type in which is a free screen sharing program. At this point, I let him know that he would not be gaining access to my PC and what he was doing was illegal and I would do everything in my power as an IT professional to make sure he paid.
He continued trying to explain the difference between viruses and malware. I told him I knew the differences between the two as I have a degree in Computer Information Technology. He wanted me to open my RUN line and type in “prefetch hacking report” and when I refused to do it he then hung up.
got same exact phone call!! He said he was from DEll-- ironically-- Dell had my computer because it was being repaired !!!! I keep getting calls from this number-- luckily I have not answered again!!

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