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This specific RAT was created in December 1997. It works as a trojan, but the infection method is quite interesting: the virus pretends to be a patch, that removes nuke, ssping, and teardrop. But instead it runs secretly as an FTP server, allowing the intruder to control the machine remotely and download/upload any file he wants. The program is written in Visual Basic. It affects Windows 95, 98 and NT operating systems.

From the publisher:

“Important no quotes on anything that I put quotes on… I mean when you write it or you knwo… Ok here you go guys have fun…
What this program does is when it is run on someones computer it opens up a port and runs in the background so anyone can connect..
This program is disguised and fools the person running it that it will fix the bugs in win95..the bugs it acts like it is fixing are “nuke” “ssping” “teardrop”
How it runs…
Ok what you need to do is give it to the person fool them into taking it which is easy then have them run it… You need there IP too…After they run it…The program runs in the background and the only way to shut it down is ctrl+alt+del…One thing that is important the program modifys the win.ini file so that everytime you start up your computer no matter weather you did ctrl+alt+del it starts up again in the background so you do not know its running and anyone can connect…If you do not want this program to run you have to go into win.ini and take out the command line Run=C:\WIN95\system\msrun.exe and delete the file msrun.exe in the win95\system directory…
What ports and pass/login…
You need to put there IP in then The port which is 23456 the the pass and login is yo and connect
Ok now you have connected…
I am pretty sure about you can download files and I know you can upload…
Another thing there are some custom commands…I am going to tell you how to use them in CuteFTP only…
goto “Commands” then “Custom Commands” then “Define” then click on “add” now in the label field type “Execute exe”
Then goto “command Text” Type “EXEC %f”
check the box that says “Show server’s response” you may put in a hotkey if you like…
When your done with that click on “add” again now in the label field type “Execute Notepad Text”
Then goto “command Text” Type “EXEC c:\win95\notepad %f”
There is one thing with this command everytime you go into a different computer the windows directory might be different… What I mean by windows directory is where there windows95 is installed…
so if there windows directory is c:\win95\ you need not change the text in the “Command Text” box but if there windows directory is c:\windows\ or c:\window\ you need to goto goto “Commands” then “Custom Commands” then “Define” Then click on the “Execute Notepad Text” in the “Commands” box and you will have to change the “Command Text” text to which ever directory…
If there windows directory is c:\windows\ you have to change the text in the “Command Text” to “EXEC c:\windows\notepad %f” And so on for there windows 95 directory… check the box that says “Show server’s response” you may put in a hotkey if you like…
Which operating system…
The only operating system I know this program works on it Win95… I do not know if this works on WinNT… Testing by anyone is thanked in advanced… Well have fun and no uploading viruses…”

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Reimage (remover) Happiness
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More information about this program can be found in Reimage review.

More information about this program can be found in Reimage review.

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