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61. by DC. 2005-03-17 07:03:01
Viewpoint slowed my daughters computer to a crawl! We used add/remove programs to remove it. It is still very slow. If we download the removal software will that get rid of the extra files listed above that have to be removed?

62. by mc68000. 2005-03-17 16:03:06
The @#!$% "Your Viewpoint Toolbar has been updated" is back!! The process for the dialog box that appears with the UPDATE and no CLOSE or X button is ViewMgr.exe. Kill the process, the dialog box goes away and NO TOOLBAR! YES! BTW no word from Corp HQ yet regarding my e-mail.

Also, I have a question of one and all in this forum. Did any of you notice that certain processes to particular web sites started mysteriously closing for no apparent reason when you had the Viewpoint Toolbar? Last night when I was trying to submit content to this blog and do research on that Co. those processes just quit running. I restored to an earlier, pre-Viewpoint, restore point and the I am not having the problem anymore. Nor did I have it before the VPT appeared. Maybe I am getting paranoid, but, just because you are not paranoid does not mean they are not out to get you. Right?

63. by CG. 2005-03-30 06:03:17
Dont ever install something on my computer which I do not explicitly agree to before hand.

This is unethical practices.

I too will be submitting a complaint and hope that your business is shutdown and as well.

If this is the way AIM is going - I will remove that worthless software and gladly go with the meriad of other chat tools available too us. ICQ, Yahoo, IRC, MSN, Jabber are just a few choices.

64. by tom. 2005-04-11 20:04:24
Viewpoint, you filthy, bottom-feeding parasites!! Do something honorable with your technical talents instead of invading my privacy.

65. by Angry User. 2005-04-12 05:04:13
I hope all developers of programs that install without a users persmission will have their head and fingers amputated in the near future. But not before having each of their finger and toe nails removed before hand.

66. by lollipop. 2005-04-12 20:04:36
Interesting stuff posted so far, but is the Viewpoint uninstall.exe safe? It certainly seems like the easiest solution. Or do I really need to try these other methods (run Ad-Aware and Spybot together; manually delete many files)?

67. by Another angry user. 2005-04-15 13:04:15
Somehow this application got installed on my computer. I did not ask for it, nor did I approve at ANY time the installation of this software. The first clue I had that it was there when I got the prompt to install the toolbar - which I did not install. I uninstalled the manager, but this did not uninstall anything at all.

I do not have AOL, do not randomly browse sites, and do not want software installed secretly on my computer.

68. by Guest. 2005-04-18 09:04:19
In IE, go to "Tools", "Manage Add-ons..." and under "Enabled" select "AxMetastream.dll". Then under "Settings" click "Disable", then shut down IE. Now you will be able to delete AxMetastream.dll. The reason you could not do it before is that every time IE loads it enables AxMetastream.dll which means you cannot delete it while it is open.

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69. by Guest. 2005-04-18 23:04:36
I uninstalled Viewpoint Media Player. Now my start menu is messed up and unable to do searches, etc. The history is gone. Crapware.

70. by Guest. 2005-04-23 11:04:14
My VMP update box appeared this morning. After searching my PC per all of the posts below, I discovered a folder in Program Files / Viewpoint that was linked to Atmosphere. I uninstalled Atmosphere, and lo and behold, all of the components to VP, including the .dll and registry keys, have disappeared.

I suspect that VMP had been using our bandwidth, as it seems to have magically increased after uninstalling Atmosphere and VMP.

Also, before uninstalling, I had checked the VP folder found in Control Panel, and discovered the following hidden info concerning its privacy practices, or lack, thereof.

Viewpoint and Your Privacy

Each installation of Viewpoint Media Player is assigned a Player Identifier, a random alphanumeric identifier generated at the time of installation. The Player Identifier is never connected to a users name, email address, or other personal contact information.

Viewpoint Media Player is designed to check for the availability of software updates, upgrades, and add-ons (Updates) to ensure that you have the latest product improvements and functionality. When the Viewpoint Media Player installed on your machine checks for the availability of Updates, the Player Identifier, the type of operating system using the player, the type of browser in which the player is operating, and the URL visited at the time are sent anonymously to Viewpoint. An author of Viewpoint content can use tags to collect aggregated, anonymous information about users interactions with content, such as which colors users select to view the appearance of a product, which animations are most frequently invoked by online viewers, and the like. User interaction data is typically used by Viewpoints clients to understand how their customers, in the aggregate, interact with online presentations of their products.

Much of the data sent by the Viewpoint Media Player installed on your machine is required only to enable a feature or service to be performed over the Internet. All data is discarded after its intended use is served.

Viewpoints Ad Deployment Technology
Creative Innovator, Viewpoints advertising deployment technology, uses Viewpoint Media Player for displaying advertising content. Like other industry-standard advertising technologies, Creative Innovator collects certain information about the advertisement displayed. This information includes the number of times the advertisement is displayed, the number and duration of users interactions with the advertisement, and the browser and operating system viewers are using while the ad is displayed. This information is stored by the Creative Innovator system and reported to Viewpoints customers.


Contact Us about Privacy
If you have any questions about this privacy statement, or our software and website practices, please contact us:

Privacy Policy Group
Viewpoint Corporation
498 7th Ave. Suite 1810
New York, NY 10018
[email protected]

71. by Guest. 2005-04-26 18:04:26
View point is bundled with other software like AIM and Netscape. It is a unique media player because it means view point. You can change the view point on a 3 D picture; turn it to the right, left or up and down. I only found one site that used it, found it accidentally while search for viewpoint on whether I should install in the computer lab I work at. of all things a breast augmentation simulator. You have to see it to believe it.

It is not a spyware it installs by its self like many programs. It is no more annoying than Adobe Reader and it automatic update and slow loading, realplayer and its message center and update and registration, (I use a bunch of letters and numbers for the lab computers realplayer register ration hopefully to choke their server maybe then they will stop. Then there is Quicktime and it taking over file associations from MS media player and not allowing them to be set back, had to uninstall it then reinstall it, and asking if you want to go pro every time you start it,. Then there is the fake domain company that automatically installs its plugings so you can find its fake domains, (that is another story). I always unchecked viewpoint player when installing Netscape. I thought it was a like media player until I saw the “site?. Have not had any instructors or students ask about viewpoint so I probably will not install it, (maybe on one or two computers after restoring the image).

Too much software and plugins are using the spyware and virus techniques to get in your computer. It is sad but it created a new field anti virus and anti spyware. As much as I dislike MS I find the competitors to media player more annoying!

72. by Guest. 2005-05-02 05:05:31
I own Ghost Surf Platinum 2005 (by Tenebril) - it comes with SpyCatcher, an anti-spyware program. I also run Spybot SD, Ad-AwareSE, SpywareBlaster, and Spy Sweeper. None of these other programs found the Viewpoint.

I scan weekly, give or take. SpyCatcher found the Viewpoint and removed it permanently and safely. It removed the Program folders and .dll files. A few days later I went to the registry (Win2000 Svr), backed it up (DUH!), and removed all the classes and entries for Viewpoint. Ive had no issues.

I strongly recommend the full Ghost Surf suite, but you can buy the SpyCatcher separately. I dont know how or where the Viewpoint got on my system. I have NO IM progs and Im well aware of everything that goes on my system (see: Ghost Surf Platinum + ZA Pro firewall!! - a beautiful pair). Im thinking it installed when I rented AVP and the DVD tried to install some InterVideo program. I run WinDVD (I know same co, different prog.) so I just canceled the install. A few days later is when I scanned and found it. I KNOW its gone for good because SpyCatcher has some kind of reinstall shield to prevent crap like this from reinstalling itself.

73. by Guest. 2005-05-06 14:05:47
I hate this program it ruined my day, and I hope the company goes bankrupt and the software creator goes to jail.

74. by Guest. 2005-05-07 00:05:26
downloaded this thing to my knowledge..I never was asked if I wanted it installed...all of a sudden it wants to update...what the hell?

75. by Guest. 2005-05-07 11:05:28
Woke up this morning to find Viewpoint installed on my computer!

76. by Guest. 2005-05-11 09:05:35
I do not know if you can help but Comcast, my Internet provider, claims that it cannot block Viewpoint Media Player messages that are sent to
me daily.

How can someone block an unwanted message from appearing on their computer screen each morning?

Every day, Viewpoint Media Player sends me a message claiming that my software has been updated. I checked the list of programs on my
computer and Viewpoint is not listed among them.

The message is always at the bottom right hand corner of the computer screen and the delete x box is off the screen or does not exist. I cannot drag the message onto the screen so that the
delete box is visible. The message will not move.

I understand that software can be written so that the delete box is really the download box but Viewpoint has made it impossible to use that
box anyway.

The only way I know to get rid of the message without opening it, is to reboot my
computer and this is an inconvenience that I should not have to deal with.

When I went on google to research this company, I found that it is a
company but I also found many messages complaining about Viewpoint and
claiming it is spyware.

At the very least, Viewpoint is a pest.

Any advice you can provide, I would appreciate.


77. by Guest. 2005-05-12 08:05:35
What a rude awakeing to find a pop-up window that cannot be removed by task manager and can only be stopped by selecting a hotbutton in the window or re-setting the PC.

I do not know how it got installed it must have been bundled with another application, but which one.....

78. by Guest. 2005-05-13 00:05:05
We will publicize the actions of this odious pest so no-one will ever want anything to do with it. The folks at Viewpoint will be sorry they attacked our systems!

79. by Guest. 2005-05-18 03:05:16
Viewpoint Media Player isnt itself EVIL, but its partner VIEWMGR.EXE loads the EVIL Viewpoint Toolbar, which is FILTHY EVIL DISGUSTING ADWARE. Read the fine print. They loudly proclaim that VMP doesnt violate privacy, and that VIEWMGR doesnt load third-party software. What they omit is that VIEWMGR loads OTHER viewpoint software that violates privacy.

80. by Guest. 2005-05-20 19:05:32
Every evening a very aggravating update window for Viewpoint Media Player appeared in the lower right of my screen, and could not be closed or moved or minimized, and was always the window on top. I had to restart the computer to get rid of it. So I have now used Add/Remove Programs to remove Viewpoint Media Player. However, Viewpoint Manager was still listed. I removed that too.

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