PC Cleaner Pro 2012 review

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PC Cleaner Pro 2012 review

PC Cleaner Pro 2012 is a PC optimization tool, which checks the registry for errors and fixes them to speed up the performance of the PC. However, some of the errors it finds in the registry aren't really important for computer speed. Additionally, it might even find some problems in a clean registry, which makes in a questionable tool.

PC Cleaner Pro 2012 asks to buy a full version if you want to clean the registry. Nevertheless, considering the fact, that application reports some questionable errors, we would recommend choosing a different PC optimization tool, like Registry Mechanic or CCleaner.

PC Cleaner Pro 2012 download: NOT RECOMMENDED

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Compatible with Microsoft Windows
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Reimage is a recommended tool to scan your system for possible threats and crappy software. The trial version of the product will find harmfull applications in your system
Recommended Software
Malwarebytes Anti Malware
Hitman Pro
Positive sides:
quick performance
trial version available
complete system scan
Negative side:
false positives
agressive/deceptive ads
questionable tool
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Comments on PC Cleaner Pro 2012

Great job on the site. In the event that you need to wind up unknown online then you have to look at this PC CLEANER PRO 2015
Sorry to hear above bad comments. I had tried pc cleaners free version, i hated that experience, they show you too much fake like cleaning things, always told me that your computer have XXX things needed to be clean, and my computer was in danger something. :( It made me felt even more lousy and trouble, untrustable. I like Wisecleaner so far.
Thanks to the comments previous to mine, was a big help to persuade me NOT to buy PC Cleaner Pro.

Thanks guy :)
Ron in Orange County
I downloaded PC cleaner pro 2013 with similar results. It caused all kinds of object errors and did not remove any Malware, adware, or anything advertised. I am as close to a MS Certified Tech as you can get. I was previously certified as a MS Product Specialist in 3.51NT just before Windows 95 came out. I also was tech support for Support Associates, Toshiba Laptops and Viking Components supporting a variety of products. I was an employee of all 3 companies directly at one point.

The tech support at PC Cleaner was in India. He immediately had me connect my computer remotely and ran a bunch of normal tech tools and then proceeded to show me that a bunch and I mean a bunch of services had been stopped. Who would stop services? You dont need to unless your system is unstable. Their software must have done it. Anyway, they told me to wait for the supervisor who then came on and tried to tell me only a MS Certified Tech could solve these problems and told me it cost $255 to get it done. I told him he was a scam and so was his software.
I then proceeded to do a System Restore and looked at the calendar presented and selected a break point about 2 weeks prior to when I installed the software. This will not destroy any data or files you have. It only restores the OS. After restoration, their stuff was nowhere to be seen with the naked eye. I did for some reason have to uninstall and re install Google Chrome.

I then went into the Registry (not recommended for novice operators) and removed any keys, values, and data relating to PC Cleaner
I bought PC Cleaner Pro a couple of days ago. My computer was sluggish in all departments, programs opening and closing very slow, sometimes showing "error" when trying to open a program.

I was using the built in system that Microsoft offers in its accessory folder about once every two weeks, but my system still slowly got sluggish and eventually started showing errors at times when opening a file. I bought and downloaded PC Cleaner Pro then ran a system check. To my surprise, I had about 5000 corrupted files that needed fixed. I clicked on the "fix it all" tab. After some long waiting time, PC Cleaner Pro came through and fixed everything. My computer is running as it was when I first bought it. No more sluggishness.

So far, I havent detected any problems with PC Cleaner Pro, If I do, Ill come back and let you know.
I agree with all the above comments. My computer was sluggish, checked on line and PC cleaner pro 2012 sounded good, wish I had read these comments before I paid out $30 for a product I had to ditch. Installed it and then could only start the computer in "safe mode". Took it to a computer tech and it was full of Malware and viruses. Could not get a refund from the seller. Paid through Paypal, raised a dispute for a refund and they found in favour of the seller.
Leave it alone and go for Malwarebytes or Super anti spyware I say.
I purchases PC Cleaner Pro, my computer was very slow getting online and opening websites. I ran a scan with PC Cleaner and thousands of problems were found. I was then directed to call for assistance after talking to someone in India it was reccommended I purchase a plan costing 250 dollars to clean up my computer.

This program offfered a 90 day satisfaction guarantee BUT no phone number was on the website. So, I called bact to assistance in India and asked for a number to call to ask for a refund and that person hung up on me. Now, where do I call what kind of company is this. I am no very computer savvy and it sounded like a good deal to get my computer running normally again. Guess again.
Yea I keep calling back for my refund and they always hang up on me! I reported this to my CC comp and got my refund!
This programs has caused so many problems with my computer, a tech guy walked me through the usage and deleted everything,this program cam up with. when I complained that it made my computer act screwy, he then suggested that I spend $250 to pay a certified Microsoft tech to fix all the problems. How can this be...do I have any recourse? I wish I had seen your review first. I am sick..It was a new computer that I just wanted to keep in shape

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