Braviax (also known as FakeRean and FakeRean-Braviax) is the family of rogue anti-spyware programs, which was firstly noticed in 2010. This group of viruses stands out from other groups of rogues with its ability to change its parasites' name depending on the operating system found on the infected machine. Once they get inside the system, Braviax viruses perform a fake system scan and return completely useless results about the state of your computer. They seek to swindle the money, so they offer to register the software in order to remove detected parasites and fix your PC. When trying to remove these threats, they always try to block legitimate anti-virus tools and terminate the installation process by saying that the executable is infected. 

Removing AntiVirus Pro 2015

April 23rd, 2015. What is Antivirus PRO 2015? If you have been convinced that Antivirus PRO 2015 or AntiVirus Pro 2015 is a reputable security software, you should stop doing that because it's more than obvious that it is a malicious program. Its GUI and other things reveal that this program is a... More...

AVLab Internet Security removal steps

December 18th, 2014. What is AVLab Internet Security? AVLab Internet Security is a computer virus, which seeks to swindle people's money. It can be categorized as a rogue anti-spyware due to the fact that it seeks to imitate a genuine anti-spyware program. Beware that it's just another 'child' from a serious... More...

AVC Plus removal steps

December 17th, 2014. What is AVC Plus? AVC Plus is a rogue anti-spyware, which was released in the middle of December. It seems that it hails from a seriously popular group of malwares called Braviax. All threats that belong to this family share almost identical GUI, display similar pop-up notifications and... More...

Remove Security Bytes 2015

December 16th, 2014. What is Security Bytes 2015? At the beginning of this post, we want to say that we haven't get Security Bytes 2015's example yet. that's why we can't claim that this virus is real. Nevertheless, the appearance of this name in some of security forums made us to create this post. If you think... More...

Removal of SystemBytes Win 8 2015

December 16th, 2014. What is SystemBytes Win 8 2015? According to several bloggers who write about computers and their security, there is a virus called SystemBytes Win 8 2015 that is spread around at the moment. We don't have this example yet, so we can't claim that you should try to avoid such... More...

Uninstalling SystemBytes Win 7 2015

December 16th, 2014. What is SystemBytes Win 7 2015? First of all, we must admit that we don't have the example of SystemBytes Win 7 2015 virus yet. Nevertheless, this term has been traveling around for a while, so we decided to include it to our blog if someone of you gets infected. In order to prevent... More...

Eliminate GuardBytes Plus

December 15th, 2014. What is GuardBytes Plus? GuardBytes Plus is a rogue anti-spyware, which was released in the beginning of December, 2014. This program looks like a normal anti-spyware, so don't get surprised after discovering that this program is capable of scanning your computer and then showing... More...

AVbytes Win 7 Protection 2015 removal guide

December 5th, 2014. What is AVbytes Win 7 Protection 2015? AVbytes Win 7 Protection 2015 is a dangerous application, which should be avoided. No matter how harmless and even trustworthy it looks, this program seeks the only thing - trick you into buying its fake license. For that, it shows annoying... More...

Delete AVbytes Win 8 Protection 2015

December 5th, 2014. What is AVbytes Win 8 Protection 2015? AVbytes Win 8 Protection 2015 is a dangerous virus, which is categorized as rogue anti-spyware. Just like many other similar cyber threats, it is used for attacking computers with Windows 8 OS. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that those PCs that... More...

Removal of AVbytes XP Protection 2015

December 4th, 2014. What is AVbytes XP Protection 2015? AVbytes XP Protection 2015 is classified as a malicious application that you should not keep on your computer unless you don't care about losing your hard earned money. It's an extremely suspicious rogue that belongs to the huge family of rogues that is... More...
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