FakeHDD is a dangerous family of fake disk defragmentation programs that all share identical GUI and use similar misleading techniques when trying to rip their victims off. Typically, FakeHDD family members can't be removed through a simple uninstal feature, so you should use reputable anti-malware program when trying to get rid of fake defragmenter from the system. Similarly to rogue applications, programs hailing from the FakeHDD family give for their victims misleading information about numerous errors detected on the hard drive. In addition, they offer to purchase licensed version which is classically promissed to remove them. Fake HDDs are spread through security vulnerabilities found with a help of trojans and then modified to launch with every system's startup. Fake HDD family means a serious danger for your computer. 

What is Data Recovery

November 15th, 2013. At the end of April 2012 new virus appeared with the same Data Recovery name. Its i a different program, please take a look at the screenshots to see with which Data Recovery you are infected with. The new Data Recovery virus we named Smart Data Recovery as this virus changed Smart HDD virus... More...

Uninstalling Smart HDD

September 24th, 2013. Smart HDD is a rogue optimization and defragmentation program. It reports false information about hard drive errors and system failures to make you think that your computer has numerous errors and problems. Then it will state that you can only fix found errors of you purchase S.M.A.R.T HDD.... More...

System Repair virus removal guide

February 10th, 2013. System Repair virus is a fake PC optimization program, which, just like its previous version System Repair , seeks to rip its victims off. While seeking this aim, this scam program attacks its target system without any user's permission asked. Its presence on computer becomes obvious when it... More...

Uninstalling File Recovery

October 19th, 2012. File Recovery is a freshly released Fake PC optimization tool that seems to be created to replace Data Recovery scamware that has been actively working past months. File Recovery virus  should never be kept on the system because it leads computer to continuous problems connected to data... More...

Uninstall fake System Restore

August 3rd, 2012. System restore is a legitimate Microsoft Windows program that restores windows functionality when needed. However, there is a fake System Restore as well - a rogue system optimizer. This corrupt optimization program displays various warnings that  PCs hard disk, video card or registry is in... More...

Data Recovery virus fix

August 3rd, 2012. Data Recovery virus is a fake PC optimization tool created to make you forget about normal routine on your computer. Even more, this malware does all it is capable to do in order to earn some money for its creators – as soon as it gets on the system, it tries to convince you into believing... More...

Win HDD removal steps

August 3rd, 2012. Win HDD is the latest of seven fraudulent utilities that all together represent quite famous family of fake defragmenters. With another scams HDD Control or Check Disk , Win HDD will try to convince you that it is a real and completely trusted PC defragmenter which will find all the errors... More...

Kill System Repair

June 11th, 2012. System Repair is a fake system optimization program that displays fake error messages and alerts to make you think that your computer has serious problems. It uses a typical technique of most rogue programs and uses numerous popups and all kinds of security alert in order to scare you and make... More...

Remove Smart Data Recovery

June 3rd, 2012. Data Recovery is a fake Defragmenter tool which replaces S.M.A.R.T. HDD virus . It is from the same family as FakeHDD, known by the name Smart HDD from the same family as: FakeHDD. It replaces Smart HDD. other tools from the same family are System Check, System Fix, System Restore, Data... More...

System Fix removal instructions

April 28th, 2012. System Fix is the latest version of fake defragmenters - programs designed to speed up your computer and fix system errors. This scam tries to steal money from your offering false removal services and also may try to steal personally identifiable information. Do not trust this fake system... More...
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