Google redirect is a popular problem among the Internet users, which is mainly caused by a browser hijacker. When this cyber threat gets inside the system, it starts targeting Google's or other search engine's search results and redirects them to the pages that have nothing in common with the query entered by the user. Google redirect may include either harmless websites or porn and virus related domains that seek to get some benefit from their visitor. According to experts, Google redirect is a complex of problems because it also has capabilities to change system parameters and settings, so advanced removal tools should be used when fixing computer infected this virus.

Eliminate virus

March 2nd, 2015. What is can be called either an untrustworthy search engine or the annoying search site that may initiate such unwanted activities as browser's redirections to unknown websites, changes of the home page or a default search engine, slow downs and other unwanted things.... More...

Scour Virus removal guide

February 26th, 2015. What is Scour? (cal also be found as Scour or Scour Virus) is a potentially unwanted program, which has been accused for annoying redirects, slow downs and similar suspicious activities. No matter that it may look like this domain is prepared for searching the web and looking... More...

22find virus fix

February 26th, 2015. What is 22find? 22find virus is a potentially unwanted program, which can also be categorized as a browser hijacker. That's because it may easily initiate serious havoc on IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and other web browsers. What havoc do we have in our mind? In most of the cases,... More...

Terminate Virus

February 26th, 2015. What is Virus (cal also be found as is an online search engline, which has initiated lots of discussions in various forums. This search site is closely related to a browser toolbar, which is presented as 'powered by the community'. No... More...

Webfetti toolbar removal steps

January 7th, 2015. What is Webfetti toolbar? Webfetti toolbar is a potentially unwanted application that has initiated some doubts about its trustworthiness. Similarly to Funmoods  and many other questionable programs, this app is presented as a free, web-based application that allows... More...

DealPly virus fix

December 18th, 2014. DealPly virus is a potentially unwanted application, which is categorized as adware. Many people have started to call it like that because it uses sneaky distribution methods and initiates havoc when it gets inside the system. Basically, this program can be used to get information about the... More...

Uninstalling virus

October 21st, 2014. is a social advertising network, which let’s webmasters earn money from commercial pop-up ads and notifications. It was founded in 2005 and it is a legitimate social advertising network. However, no matter that there’s nothing wrong with the page itself, its... More...


September 11th, 2014. is a domain where many PC users have surprisingly found themselves redirected to. Though this website hasn't been found to spread malware or infect PC users in other way, it may be connected to such nasty parasites as Google redirect virus and be the cause of continuous pop-ups... More... removal steps

September 11th, 2014. may try to create an image that it's a legitimate website, which was designed to help users with their search sessions on the Internet. However, many security experts have started to categorize it as browser hijacker because of its continuous redirections to unwanted... More...

FunMoods removal steps

September 11th, 2014. Funmoods worth to be added into several categories on Security portal. They think they don't do anything bad, that would be the browser plugins category, but spyware community around the world thinks differently. Funmoods hijacks your browser, search results and uses aggressive... More...
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