Ukash is a dangerous group of ransomwares that are closely connected to Trojan.Winlock. These cyber threats tend to disable their target computers and hack the desktop so that the system seems to be physically shut off. As a result, victim becomes incapable to run any program installed on his/hers PC and sees only a huge alert, allegedly displayed by a local police unit or reputable department. The main aim of releasing Ukash ransomwares is the money, so alert, which is displayed by this program, tries to create an image that user has violated various laws and now has to pay a fine through Ukash or Paysafecard prepayment system. However, official institutions don't act like that. Ukash is a serious cyber threat that sometimes can't even be eliminated without a help of an expert. 

Please complete a quick survey to continue removal instructions

March 24th, 2015. 'Please complete a quick survey to continue' is annoying message, which blocks the whole PC system and replaces computer's screen with the fake alert asking to complete a quick survey in order to remove it from the screen. However, you have to remove this ransomware from your computer in order... More...

Delete VirLock virus

March 24th, 2015. What is VirLock virus? VirLock virus is a serious ransomware, which acts just like Your Computer Was Automatically Blocked virus , Cryptowall virus ,  Cryptolocker , BitCrypt ,  Critroni ,  Cryptorbit , etc. As its name suggests, this virus can easily lock the entire PC... More...

Delete [email protected]

March 24th, 2015. What [email protected]? Despite the look of an email name, [email protected] is yet another ransomware that may force you to say goodbye for all the photos, documents, videos and other personal files that are placed on your computer. It seems to be a new version of Crypto-ransomware. Similarly to... More...

Eliminate Cryptolocker-v3 virus

March 23rd, 2015. What is Cryptolocker-v3? Cryptolocker-v3 is yet another malicious ransomware, which is an updated version of Teslacrypt . Once this dangerous ransomware infiltrates the system, it start coding user's personal files and encrypts all .unity3d, .blob, .wma, .avi, .rar, .DayZProfile, .doc, .odb,... More...

Uninstalling TeslaCrypt virus

March 16th, 2015. What is TeslaCrypt? TeslaCrypt is yet another ransomware that uses AES encryption method for blocking people's access to their personal information, such as photos, documents, and other files. Besides, this virus is also interested in video gaming-related files, such as MineCraft, World of... More...

Microsoft Security Essentials Alert virus removal guide

March 5th, 2015. What is Microsoft Security Essentials Alert virus? Microsoft Security Essentials Alert virus is a trojan-based ransomware that can easily infiltrate PC system without user's permission asked. Once it does that, it locks it down and tries to create an impression that user was caught for... More...

Threat Finder virus removal instructions

March 3rd, 2015. What is Threat Finder? Threat Finder is a malicious ransomware, which can be compared to such computer threats as ZeroLocker , CTB-Locker , Coin Locker  and so on. Such and similar programs infiltrate computers in a suspicious manner, e.g. Trojan horses, spam messages, fake update... More...

Remove Interpol virus

February 24th, 2015. What is Interpol virus? Interpol virus is the latest threat from Ukash viruses that can easily lock your computer down for invented law violations and then ask you to pay the fine through Ukash or Paysafecard prepayment systems. This Ukash virus works under the name of Interpol... More...

Remove GVU virus

February 20th, 2015. GVU virus (also called as Gesellschaft zur Verfolgung von Urheberrechtsverletzungen virus) is a malicious ransomware infection that seeks to get 100 euros from each of its victims. For that, it firstly blames the user for the copyright law violations and locks his computer's system down. You... More...

Remove Coin Locker virus

February 18th, 2015. What is Coin Locker virus? Coin Locker (can also be found as CoinLocker or Coin Locker malware) is the latest ransomware, which can't be unnoticed if it manages to infiltrate its target PC system. We say so for a simple reason - as soon as this malware enters computer, it scans the... More...
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