Ukash is a dangerous group of ransomwares that are closely connected to Trojan.Winlock. These cyber threats tend to disable their target computers and hack the desktop so that the system seems to be physically shut off. As a result, victim becomes incapable to run any program installed on his/hers PC and sees only a huge alert, allegedly displayed by a local police unit or reputable department. The main aim of releasing Ukash ransomwares is the money, so alert, which is displayed by this program, tries to create an image that user has violated various laws and now has to pay a fine through Ukash or Paysafecard prepayment system. However, official institutions don't act like that. Ukash is a serious cyber threat that sometimes can't even be eliminated without a help of an expert. 

Delete Police virus

July 24th, 2015. Police virus has been aggressively spreading around and actively infecting computer users since the end of 2011. If you have also been attacked by this dangerous infection, you will definitely know how malicious this virus is: it not only displays a large alert, which pretends to be from a... More...

CryptoWall 3.0 virus fix

June 20th, 2015. What is CryptoWall 3.0? CryptoWall 3.0 virus is a dangerous ransomware, which can easily lead you to lots of troubles. This threat can easily block your files, start blackmailing you and may even try to leave you without money. If you want to avoid such issues, you should try to do... More...

How to remove Locker virus

June 1st, 2015. What is Locker virus? Locker virus (can also be found as Locker v1.7, Locker V2.16, Locker v2.60, Locker v3.5.3, Locker v.3.49 and Locker V5.52) is a seriously dangerous cyber threat that acts just like it is suggested by its name. Once it infiltrates its target computer, it checks the system... More...

How to remove Cryptolocker

May 27th, 2015. Cryptolocker is a dangerous ransomware, which might belong to the same group of cyber criminals that is responsible for releasing FBI virus , Police Central e-crime Unit virus , Department of Justice virus  and many other threats. We used 'might' because of one reason: this ransomware... More...

Remove Coin Locker virus

May 26th, 2015. What is Coin Locker virus? Coin Locker (can also be found as CoinLocker Decrypter or Coin Locker malware) is the latest ransomware, which can't be unnoticed if it manages to infiltrate its target PC system. We say so for a simple reason - as soon as this malware enters computer, it... More...

Removal of Cryptobot virus

May 25th, 2015. What is Cryptobot virus? Cryptobot is a dangerous ransomware that is spreading around at the moment of writhing. After infiltrating computers without being noticed (thru their backdoors), this virus encrypts each of these files: bay, cdr, cer, cr2, crt, dbf, dcr, dng, doc,... More...

Remove CryptoDefense

May 25th, 2015. CryptoDefense (also known as HOW_DECRYPT.txt) is a very dangerous cyber infection, which belongs to ransomware category. The most important thing about this virus is that it can encrypt all your text files, videos, office documents and similar data. According to experts, CryptoDefense is still... More...

BitCryptor virus removal steps

May 13th, 2015. What is BitCryptor virus? BitCryptor (can also be found as Bit Cryptor virus) is a malicious ransomware, which hails from the same family of ransomwares as Cryptolocker , Crypt0L0cker ,  Alpha Crypt , CryptoWall ,  TeslaCrypt and many other cyber threats. Beware that it can... More...

Los Pollos Hermanos virus removal

May 12th, 2015. What is Los Pollos Hermanos virus? Los Pollos Hermanos virus (can also be found as Los Pollos Hermanos crypto virus or Los Pollos Hermanos ransowmare) is a dangerous application, which was noticed in a the beginning of May. The main region where it has been spreading around is Australia... More...

How to remove FBI PayPal virus

May 7th, 2015. What is FBI PayPal virus? FBI PayPal virus is a sneaky cyber threat, which belongs to the 'ransomware' category. Just like FBI virus , this threat presents itself as a legitimate message from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. However, FBI has nothing to do with this scam alert, which... More...
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