Ukash is a dangerous group of ransomwares that are closely connected to Trojan.Winlock. These cyber threats tend to disable their target computers and hack the desktop so that the system seems to be physically shut off. As a result, victim becomes incapable to run any program installed on his/hers PC and sees only a huge alert, allegedly displayed by a local police unit or reputable department. The main aim of releasing Ukash ransomwares is the money, so alert, which is displayed by this program, tries to create an image that user has violated various laws and now has to pay a fine through Ukash or Paysafecard prepayment system. However, official institutions don't act like that. Ukash is a serious cyber threat that sometimes can't even be eliminated without a help of an expert. 

Delete VirLock virus

December 18th, 2014. What is VirLock virus? VirLock virus is a serious ransomware, which acts just like Your Computer Was Automatically Blocked virus and other cyber threats that are attributed to this category. As its name suggests, this virus can easily lock the entire PC system and encrypt important files.... More...

ICE virus fix

December 17th, 2014. ICE virus (also called as The Cyber Crimes Center virus) is a dangerous ransomware, which must be ignored and eliminated from each of its affected computers. You can distinguish this virus from a huge notification, which lists various crimes and requires to pay the fine of 400 dollars or other... More...

Eliminate Attention! Votre browser est bloqué

December 15th, 2014. 'Attention! Votre browser est bloqué' is a fake warning message, which presents itself as a legitimate governmental authority and claims that it showed up for illegal victim's activities. After reporting about the use of illegal music or video files, distribution of malware, the use of... More...

Terminate Politiet Kongeriget Danmark Virus

December 11th, 2014. Politiet Kongeriget Danmark virus is a cyber infection, which can be used for the only thing - to steal the money from users by convincing them, that they have to pay a fine. Of course, before showing such message, this virus, which actually belongs to the category of ransomwares, locks the... More...

Your Computer Was Automatically Blocked virus fix

December 11th, 2014. What is Your Computer Was Automatically Blocked virus? Your Computer Was Automatically Blocked virus (also known as VirLocker virus or National Security Bureau virus) is a dangerous ransomware, which may try to swindle your money. For that, it locks the entire PC... More...

Eliminate FBI Cybercrime Division virus

December 8th, 2014. FBI Cybercrime Division virus is a ransomware threat, which similarly to FBI virus is used to rip PC users off by using a bogus notification. In order to convince its victims that they have a deal with a real governmental authority, this malicious application firstly takes computer a hostage... More...

Remove Pirated Software has been Detected virus

December 1st, 2014. What is 'Pirated Software has been Detected' virus? Pirated Software has been Detected virus (also known as This computer was automatically blocked virus ) is a dangerous ransomware, which was released in the end of November, 2014. As you may have already understood, it used for stealing... More...

Eliminate This computer was automatically blocked virus

November 29th, 2014. What is 'This computer was automatically blocked' virus? 'This computer was automatically blocked. Reason: Pirated software has been detected' is a fake warning message that may show up on your PC's desktop out of nowhere. If you are looking at such warning... More...

ICSPA virus removal guide

November 25th, 2014. ICSPA virus (also known as International Cyber Security Protection Alliance virus) is a malicious  infection that can easily get on your machine if it's poorly protected. When inside and active, this ransomware blocks the entire system down and then displays its fake alert that reports... More...

Terminate Mandiant USA Cyber Security virus

November 24th, 2014. Mandiant USA Cyber Security virus is a dangerous ransomware, which attacks PC users who live in USA. It should be notified that this threat is especially similar to FBI virus , FBI Moneypak and many other parasites that all seek the same aim – to convince PC users that they have... More...
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