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Uninstalling WhiteCoupon ads

Why does your browser load WhiteCoupon ads for you? WhiteCoupon virus is one of the adware programs that are based on JustPlugIt engine. This potentially unwanted program is capable of possessing all the most popular web browsers , so it instantly starts implementing marketing campaigns using each of them. More
Adware   March 30, 2017

Delete Pr0tector ransomware virus

New member of the ransomware kin -- the Pr0tector virus Pr0tector virus refers to a recently discovered cyber parasite -- a virtual money extortion tool which sneaks into the computers by stealth and encrypts the containing data. If this sounds familiar, you may already be acquainted with ransomware viruses and their working mechanisms. If not, this article will be... More
Ransomware   March 30, 2017

Favoritesearch.org virus fix

Pros and cons of Favoritesearch.org  Favoritesearch.org virus pretends to be an ordinary search engine offering you to access popular shopping domains, social networks, and email accounts. Initially, all looks fine and dandy until you notice an increasing number of advertisements and redirects to other websites. It is no surprising since this website is affiliated t... More
Browser Hijackers   March 29, 2017

Kill Driver Update virus

What should you know about Driver Update? Driver Update is a questionable program created by Slimware Utilities that is supposed to identify and fix outdated drivers and update software. However, this application is categorized as a potentially unwanted program . More
Adware   March 28, 2017

Search.eshield.com redirect removal

What is Search.eshield.com? Search.eshield.com virus is a browser hijacker or hijackware which has been actively spread together with eShield application. This program was presented to PC users back in 2015 and then renewed its activity in the beginning of 2017. More
Browser Hijackers   March 27, 2017

Traff-1.ru virus fix

Crucial information about traff-1.ru Traff-1.ru virus comes as adware-type application which redirects you to http://marketgid.com/mg14599.html. Even if you do not specialize in cyber security, you can easily notice the shady behavior of this web page. It has multiple severe security flaws and no advantages at all. More
Adware   March 27, 2017

KMSPico virus removal

What are the main working principles of KMSPico virus: KMSPico virus is a highly dangerous tool that pretends to be a legitimate Windows activator, but in reality, is not related to Microsoft and may even be dangerous. With the help of this tool malicious viruses and potentially unwanted programs may sneak into the computer and contaminate it on a variety of differe... More
Malware   March 27, 2017

Ransomware developers are not done attacking hospitals just yet

This year, the evil-minded creators of the file-locking ransomware viruses seem to be especially fixated upon targeting the most sensitive parts of social services and infrastructure. More
General   March 22, 2017

Netflix Login Generator infects computers with Netflix ransomware - stay away from it!

Do you love to watch movies but hate to empty your bank account? More
General   March 22, 2017

Security experts publish a list exposing over 2000 phishing sites

Have you ever thought about how much safer the web browsing would be, if there was a database that would include all the malicious domains and anyone would be able to consult it when needed? More
General   March 22, 2017

Tech Support scammers now offer free antivirus coupons to entice victims to call them

Tech support scammers seem to be full of new ideas how to scam unsuspecting or just inexperienced computer users. More
General   March 22, 2017
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