15 percent of computers might be infected

Recent Study organized by security vendor Prevx revealed that one in six personal computers is infected with some kind of malware. 300000 computers were scanned during this study, so the results are capable of reflecting the global tendency of infections approximately.

According to the report by Prevx, 5000 to 10000 new malicious programs appear daily and even major security vendors can’t keep pace with new infections. Only 10 to 50 percent of new threats are detected; this means that while security tools are updated to fight the newest threats the malwares have time for infecting computers, stealing information and erasing data. Security programs do protect computers, but there isn’t a magical tool that could locate and delete all the malicious software. Prevx study disclosed that computers without any security tools had 60% more infections in comparison with those PCs that had at least one tool. These numbers prove that even machines armed with anti virus, anti spyware and other software get infected, but at least they avoid high rate of computer threats.

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