40 years in prison for spyware infection

The title might sound stupid and unreal, but it’s actually true. Julie Amero, a school teacher in U.S., is now facing up to 40 years in prison. She was accused and convicted of intentionally accessing porn web sites, leaving downloaded images on school computer and therefore exposing seventh-grade students to explicit pictures.

But what’s wrong with this story? The sentence is too harsh, but can we tolerate exposing kids to porn? Well, not everything is so simple here.

According to the defense and an expert who performed a forensic examination, Julie Amero did not visit porn sites at all. Her computer has been infected with some sort of spyware or adware that serves pop-ups with adult content. Supposedly, a teacher visited a safe-looking page hosting a parasite, which self-installed to the system.

However, the prosecution, obviously computer illiterate, thinks differently. They say that Amero had to click on each pop-up, otherwise porn sites wouldn’t be logged (nonsense!). They also did NOT scan the infected system for spyware. Moreover, they didn’t take in mind that the school did not have active content filtering and Amero, as a substitute teacher, couldn’t simply turn off the infected computer. Only authorized personnel were allowed to do this.

Lots of people, especially security and spyware experts support Julie Amero. The 2-Spyware.com team is among them. We still cannot believe how a teacher can be punished for something that she did not do. All facts say that it was a spyware infection, which can happen to anyone. Even computer savvy people have problems with malware. It’s such an injustice.

Sentencing is on March 2. We hope that all charges will be dismissed.

More details can be found here and here.

  1. Walter Hooper says:
    January 22nd, 2007 at 12:50 pm

    The point is: She’s ALREADY BEEN CONVICTED. All’s that’s left is to tie her to the stake and light the fire. Julie could go to jail. The judge can’t reverse it now because the jury has convicted julie. Sentencing is March 2nd. She faces the potential of 40 years, but even if she receives a suspended sentence her life is already runined. The only avenue now is appeal. Julie stuck to her guns and didn’t cop a plea. She knows she is completely innocent of wrong doing, and is actually the victim here. Spread the word. Support Julie. This could have happened to anyone.

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