After being hacked, Adobe looses 2.9 million customer accounts and product source code

This week has must been one of the hardest ones for a computer software giant Adobe. According to the latest news, hackers managed to break into Adobe Systems’ internal network and steal personal information that belongs to almost 3 million customers. Besides, it seems that the source code of some of the most popular Adobe’s products has also been stolen.

According to Adobe’s representatives, hackers managed to take over sensitive user information, such as account IDs, passwords, credit and debit card numbers. However, the company fails to specify which programs were hit. Other sources report that they might be Adobe Acrobat, ColdFusion and ColdFusion Builder. As the company claims, it has immediately notified those banks that process customer payments for Adobe and is now actively working on fixing this problem. “We are working diligently internally, as well as with external partners and law enforcement, to address the incident.” says the Adobe.

If you are one of these clients who have paid for Adobe products with the credit card, we recommend you to pay more attention to your transactions. According to the company, all affected users will receive an email with a new password and a one-year complimentary credit monitoring membership where it’s available.


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