Amount of trojan attacks rises rapidly

Many companies present new security software, people learn about cyber safety, so times should be getting harder for the attackers. However it’s the other way around: the amount of cyber attacks is still rising and security software developers need to brace up to keep step with malware.

A review of Microsoft report disclosed rising number of trojan based attacks. According to the report, there were 500 per cent more trojan downloaders during first half of this year than on the previous six months. This type of attack is especially pesky as they are able to download additional malware on the infected computers including keyloggers and password stealers. The most majority of trojans were dedicated to steal banking information and personal data. The study also disclosed growing number of phishing. 31.6 million scams were detected from January to July this year. This makes an increase of 150 percent in comparison with last year phishing instances.

Cyber attacks become targeted to personal information as it’s considered to be profitable business.

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