Android malware has incresed by 3325 percent last year

As it has been expected, malware makers have actively started using mobile area for increasing their business. According to the latest data, mobile malware business has increased by 155 percent when compared to 2010. The most popular area of developing viruses, trojans and other malware remains Android OS. According to AV Test, The Independent IT-Security Institute, in January 2011 there were almost no Android malware found while in the end of February 2012 the list has grown to 12.000 what makes 3325%. So, it must be clear that you must think about antivirus/antimalware app on your smartphone if you haven’t been using it yet.

However, the same AV Test claims that only a third of all the apps they have tested perform normally and are capable to detect about 90 percent of Android malware. Those apps have been said to be Avast, Kaspersky, Dr. Web, Ikarus, F-secure, Zoner and Lookout. However, almost none of them can be as effective as antivirus we use on our PCs. One of the biggest weaknesses of all those security apps has been said to be the ability to scan the installed apps and important files rather than all the storage connected in any way to the device.

So, in order to make sure that your device is safe, check the AV-Test report for the detailed information about the best and the worst Android antivirus programs.

  1. kenedy123 says:
    March 21st, 2012 at 5:48 am

    Android malware has incresed by 3325 percent last year

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