Android Malware Report – First Quarter of 2012

According to E-Threat report by Bitdefender about Android malware, Android.Trojan.FakeDoc.A takes up 20% of all the malware in android devices. However, another form of this malicious Trojan, called Android.Trojan.FakeDoc.B takes less than 2%. Comparing with other malware forms in Android, this is the mostly spread malware program on Android devices at this time.

The second place in this top goes to Android.Exploit.RATC.A, which has about 16% of infected Android devices, while his brother Android.Exploit.RATC.C has a bit more than 2%. The third and the fourth place goes to Exploits called Android.Exploit.GingerBreak.A and Android.Exploit.Exploid.B. GingerBreak has about 9% of compromised Android devices, while Exploid has about 7%.

Android.Exploit.Asroot.A and Android.Exploit.Asroot.B are on 6th and 7th places. Together they take about 5% of all infected Android devices, and it is even more than Android.Hacktool.Faceniff.A, which is placed 5th. Another Trojan that Bitdefender chose to show is Android.Trojan.FakeInst.D. It takes the 9th place with 2% of population of? infected Android devices.

Q1 2012 Android Malware Report by Bitdefender

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