Android Market is used to push out Android.Counterclank trojan

If you are Android user, you should be careful when installing the apps from the Android Market because you may install Trojan together with them. According to security researchers, they have discovered a new malware that should be blamed for having infected more than 5 million Android mobile devices. Trojan which got Android.Counterclank name can be said to have the highest distribution rate of all the malwares discovered this year because it has been found in 13 different apps in the Android Market place so far.

Designed to attack Android smartphones, this trojan is used by scammers to collect a wide range of information and also modify the home page of the browser. Because of this feature, Android.Counterclank helps for the hackers to display various unwanted advertisements on the compromised Android device and also send bookmark copies helping for the bad guys to earn some money. Of course, all this could be avoided if users would read privacy agreements before installing the app. In most of the cases, they simply approve them without reading any information about them.

Though Google was notified about this problem some days ago, there may still be found some infected entries on the Android Market, so be aware. For removal of this trojan from your Android device you should uninstall the infected app and run a mobile antivirus program.

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