Android vulnerabilities put users at risk

Security experts announce two serious security vulnerabilities found in Android platform this month. The first one allows installing apps without asking user’s permission, so attackers become capable to install malware which is capable without any warning to monitor phone’s contacts, location information and text messages and transmit data to a remote server. According to some exploit researchers, The Android Market is still the most dangerous are full of bugs.

The second bug is in the Linux kernel where Android originates and where installed apps with limited privileges gain full control over the device. This vulnerability attacks security model created by Google developers to protect the smartphone against the damage any one application can do to the overall system. This vulnerability is in code device manufacturer has put into some of Android’s most popular products, including the Nexus S.

To avoid various bugs that allow attackers to steal confidential data and other information always trust only official Android markets. Besides, install anti-virus program on your smartphone which will help you to avoid unpleasant malware attacks.


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