Anti Malware Fight Has the Expected Effect

More than a year ago we have heard of Google and cooperation in tagging malicious websites and warning users of those. As time goes by, several features were added and more companies and organizations joined the project to fulfill one big idea – to reduce malware online.

Google has tagged malicious websites with help of, so when you use Google search, you are warned if the website you want to open distributes malware. Firefox took the next step: according to company’s reports, the next version of Firefox browser won’t allow you to open malicious websites at all. Paypal and VeriSign have joined sponsors of, but they are not the only ones that care about safety of online surfing.

Harvard Law School made a research on how the scheme works and they found out that anti malware fight considerably helps to reduce malware. The researchers contacted many webmasters to investigate their actions after a certain website is marked as a malicious one. Surprisingly the greater part of websites were taken down after tagging them and most of others agreed to delete the malware. Results of the research showed that those webmasters that withdraw malware after receiving a warning hadn’t known their websites were helping to distribute malware or hadn’t known that certain software is considered malicious.

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