I got a recent Virus similar to the FBI virus but its titled National Security, there are others like Homeland and Cyber but this on is named National Security. When I attempt to use the advice given on how to remove it, it doesn’t work. I’m assuming this is a newer version of this type. Iv tried multiple manual reg-edit removals from boot-ables. Iv tried safe mode but I get a blue screen. Iv tried boot-able CD with spyware and with anti virus programs. They seem to find some viruses but not the one that has infected my PC. I have windows XP. My task manager has not worked in quit some time along with my reg-edit, I’m finding this is not helpful. It seems I can view reg-edit with a boot-able program but it wants to only allow editing on the virtual program and not my C:\. I know how to reformat but there is a few files that I feel are worth getting to. If anyone could help please respond ASAP. This is a real bumber. I thought there was no virus i couldn’t remove….Ha. this one