Attack of Waledac Worm is schedulled on July 4

On Thursday, security researchers reported a warning about The Waledac worm which is about to gear up a scam campaign related to the July 4 holiday.
As antivirus vendor ESET senior researcher Pierre-Marc Bureau revealed, the worm, which is known to bloom out updates to previously compromised computers, was discovered to register at least 18 domain names related to fireworks and Independence Day. It is supposed to trick people into visiting a malicious Web site all the weekend.
The spam is known to arrive in in-boxes with a message urging to watch a July 4 video. Starting at any time, e-mails will include a link to a site, urging to watch the video. After double-clicking instead of playing it, malware that turns the visiting PC into another bot or botnet will be downloaded.
It became popular for the operators of Waledac to use holidays and other events to cheat the PC users with a reason to expand their botnet. It is valuated that Waledac has infected tens of thousands of computers and, as Burreu said, it is predicted that more than 20,000 will be used in the July 4 campaign of spam.

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